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  1. Thanks a lot, I'm sure it will help a lot of beginners. Nice guide :) [COLOR="silver"]- - - Updated - - -[/COLOR] Thanks a lot, I'm sure it will help a lot of beginners. Nice guide :)
  2. [quote name='storm powner']you need to use a pink color, 317 read that color as transparancy[/QUOTE] Yeah pretty much! I found out through going through some old Sprites i had, thanks a lot though :) for anyone else with this problem just change the background colour to #FF00FF (hex colour). A moderator can lock this if they want :D
  3. Hello Runelocus! So I've been developing my server using a deathlypvpz source & client, and for those of you familiar with it, you'll know that there aren't any donator icons >:C So I tried to add my own, but I seem to have some issues with transparency, the crown packs into the cache perfectly and there aren't any issues, but the image won't have a transparent background and it looks like this: [img]http://gyazo.com/e547aa7db2aee84f820fa87df43b8dd5.png[/img] [img]http://gyazo.com/a20a150f94ca555bad06d590ab795201.png[/img] I tried 2 different image file types, .gif & .png, both with and without transparency. [img]http://gyazo.com/3340b9a99841a12b394f72bec6779dc2.png[/img] changing crowns to non-transparent: [img]http://gyazo.com/4eda936def07bc572ee5273916a3991e.png[/img] [img]http://gyazo.com/7735f92346dabdfb2328d4973c917934.png[/img] changing them to transparent: [img]http://gyazo.com/4eda936def07bc572ee5273916a3991e.png[/img] [img]http://gyazo.com/4fec1ee81ca9e3c831ab72da6e575775.png[/img] transparency/no transparency: [img]http://gyazo.com/3340b9a99841a12b394f72bec6779dc2.png[/img] Thanks for taking the time to look at this topic, I hate having to ask for help and this is my first time for anything rs2 related, but I honestly can't think of any other solution :palm: Note: I'm using Runescape Cache Suite V.017 BETA by Tom to import the images and repack my cache. Hopefully someone can help :D :D :D