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  1. Most of the good programmers on forums won't lend out help for free. That said, other programmers might teach you bad code. But you can always attempt and ask specific questions on programming forums.
  2. downloading now!!!!!!!!! how much gps will i maek an hourrR??
  3. falconpunch

    no right click

    Which server? Bank all and Bank x both need to be added client side. I'm pretty sure there are tutorials for both. For your right click issue, you need to narrow that down by telling us what you can/can't right click.
  4. falconpunch

    Compile error

    I don't think they'd be able to use a real hammer this early in the game.
  5. falconpunch

    Compile error

    Use an IDE to start. netbeans.org or eclipse.org
  6. Home is an utter mess. Server is kind of unorganized.
  7. Looks promising, but whats with the spoilerception?
  8. A cleaned base - Dementhium 639 cleaned, Matrix 718 cleaned, or a clean PI. You can even make your own client/server. Arios 498 is also good I believe.
  9. lmfao, I've seen some dumb shit, but this has by far taken the trophy for first. You're basically telling a server how to regulate the economy and do other things that are basically free. I'm sure people with successful servers wouldn't mind giving 5 minutes of their time for advice.
  10. falconpunch

    Unresponsive F Keys.

    I know this is a week old and all, but err... " I don't want to keep relying on someone to code something for me. " "What's the fix. " Kinda contradictory, but anyways! I'd really just start by learning Java. Usually RSPS that are released to the public are poorly coded and bad examples of syntax. If I were you, I'd start with Youtube and or tutorials online. https://www.tutorialspoint.com/java/ is where I started. If you don't want to listen to me, you're gonna have to go into the client and start there for your Fkeys. I have never looked into this so that's as far as I can help.
  11. falconpunch

    Help please

    Basically, you would need to make another class called SeedDropTable, and then in that class you would recreate said table. Look at how RareDropTable is implemented and how they made certain NPCs use this system. I assume the first ID in this table is the item ID, followed by minimum value and maximum value, or it gets a random number in between the two.
  12. falconpunch


    When you portforward, you need to put your personal client on (which is local) and the client you give to your friends needs to be your IP address, or your No-IP. If you still can't figure it out, you can always buy a cheap windows VPS and just use that.
  13. You don't have getAshDelay() declared in your player class.
  14. falconpunch

    Lotus - 569

    please keep this alive
  15. 1) Wrong section 2) looks like any other EOC server
  16. The donator tab just looks horrid, and I don't know why you have the soul wars interface on, makes it look a little tacky. Anyways, best of luck.
  17. It's grave digging? L0L You're just getting your post count up.
  18. ??? Really dude? Look at time stamps. shits over a year old.
  19. It looks pretty unique, but I don't like squeal of fortune, or your work around to tanning hides. Find the interface, make it work.
  20. falconpunch

    Lotus - 569

    MORE we want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aka pls host
  21. falconpunch

    Lotus - 569

    B e a u t i f u l you better be adding some sexy sexy quests
  22. falconpunch

    Lotus - 569

    please report public beta :D
  23. falconpunch

    Lotus - 569

    Definitely will play
  24. falconpunch

    Lasia 742

    Show some more media! nevertheless, I'll login, as I love 742's but uhhh LASIA PLAY WITH 9001 OTHERS PLAYERS! I highly doubt you have 9000 players... lol..