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  1. im glad you fixed it it but take your ips off! haha you dont want these people to know your ip or you'll have fun trying to host with ddos attacks every other second lol please put stars instead of the real ip
  2. actually looks pretty sexy man good luck
  3. wont connect why is that? no virus btw however it gives a warning when downloading. But i scanned is it up though?
  4. This source has a lot of issues i warn you though haha
  5. you can jar this, yes :) and the source ip does not need to be changed but it should be set to either or just search for that. tell me if it worked :)
  6. To change pk points look up your players name. Open the file and look for pk points, make sure your logged out and type in how many you want then save and log out :)
  7. mars iss the developer account you just need to copy his rank to be owner. To spawn go on developer account and type ::give (player to get item)-(itemid)-(amount)
  8. Also i named is SRPK. To change the name to yours, just go in source and client and search for srpk and change everything that says srpk to the name of your server :)
  9. Honestly that one I dont know. That was left on there by Vanity, the real owner. I checked everywhere to try and change lol. Its not in the sprites folder i wish you luck. Tell me if you find out and I will add to the topic :)
  10. go to client.java press (ctrl+f) then type in client.java then press (ctrl+f) and type in "server =" with the space. keep goind down you will see different IP's change them all to the IP of your choosing. goodluck -kendal :)
  11. Yes the zip has both the source and client :) NOTE** The client belongs to VANITY (ONCE AGAIN NOT MINE)
  12. Have fun. Go to client .java change the ip to and then compile. It will work :) have fun
  13. Removed due to request from near reality owners. I appologize for this, but it belongs to them so i cannot let it stay here aany longer
  14. Okay i changed the port it runs on and now it works fine thanks again man :D
  15. But i force closed everything restarted my computer and tried again I litterally have nothing running on port 43594.. o.o is this because my 317 source is using the port even when it is not running?