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  1. I'm sorry about that. If you would go on the forums and download the client via there it would work. I'm extremely sorry that the client on the homepage doesn't work that will be fixed immediately! [url]http://afflictionz.net/forum/index.php?/forum/24-downloadable-client/[/url]
  2. Hello this is Neon Colors from Afflictionz I'm here today to show you guys what Afflictionz is like and what it has! We are currently updating Afflictionz daily. We are a brand new server. We are working on all of the suggestions the players have gaven us. I'm a extreme donator from Afflictionz. Here are some things Afflictionz has(remember more will be added): [SIZE=4][U][B]Bosses:[/B][/U][/SIZE] Godwars -Bandos - Armadyl - Saradomin - Zamorak King Black Dragon Tormented Demons Queen Black Dragon Corporeal Beast +Many more! [SIZE=4][U][B]Minigames:[/B][/U] [/SIZE]Dominion Tower Fight Caves Barrows Duel Arena FightKiln Castle Wars Soul Wars Clan Wars +And Many More All Skills Work besides farming(It's getting worked on) You can Pk all day if you want! You can PVM all day if you want! Slayer Works! Talk to Kuradal at home and she will assign you a Slayer Task! You can change slayer tasks! Very, Very helpful staff! Always someone on to help you! ;;ticket for help, or ask a player! This server has basically everything you need in a 718-742 server! Like i said its still getting worked on, because its brand new! Why not give it a try!!! HomePage: [url]http://afflictionz.net[/url] Download client: [url]http://afflictionz.net/forum/index.php?/forum/24-downloadable-client/[/url] Forums: [url]http://afflictionz.net/forum/[/url] We are currently working on a Webclient, so don't let that not let you play! Come and join us now, you won't regret it!