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  1. If Invy is going to do it, i may be of some help as an extra coder. :D
  2. Add it under break; case 2: // Magic int magicXP = (SkillHandler.XPRates.MAGIC.getXPRate() * damage)+ c.MAGIC_SPELLS[c.oldSpellId][7]; c.getPA().addSkillXP(magicXP, 6); break; private int combatExp() { int amount = 0; if (c.easyMode) { amount = 5000; } else if (c.mediumMode) { amount = 500; } else if (c.hardMode) { amount = 50; } else if (c.extremeMode) { amount = 10; } return amount; } Hope it helps
  3. Yeah Dude, i'm in if you need an extra coder :D Add me on skype: Mr_No_Swag
  4. Welcome To Dimesion Website:[URL="http://dimension-world.webs.com/"]http://dimension-world.webs.com/[/URL] Website Client:[URL="http://dimension-world.webs.com/play-now"]http://dimension-world.webs.com/play-now[/URL] Download Desktop Client:[URL="http://uppit.com/noww3vj4e67a/Dimension.jar"]http://uppit.com/noww3vj4e67a/Dimension.jar[/URL] Server is running 24/7 Join Us Today! Owner: Khomsan6 Co-Owner: Swediah Admin: Coder: Meow Mod: Cp2000222 *Fully working Fight Caves (All 63 waves) *Fully working Fight Kiln *Full Nex and Nomad with cut-scenes *Unique custom made home *Fully automated Double-XP Weekends *Great Economy *Full Squeal of Fortune! *Rewritten price loading using Enum *All pets working *Full summoning (except scrolls) *Most skills fully working *Crucible also fully working! *All GodWars bosses! *Full QBD and KBD *No lag or memory leaks. No dupes. *Even Grand Exchange! (has to be re-enabled) *All Aura's Working with Wings and stuff *Most skills, combat, etc fully functional *Donation system editted *FunPK added *Rewritten Combat System *More creative never-seen-before content to come Home! :D [ATTACH=CONFIG]9194[/ATTACH] Trivia! :3 [ATTACH=CONFIG]9195[/ATTACH] Nomad! :) [ATTACH=CONFIG]9196[/ATTACH]
  5. Agreed, i don't like 317s, but this was different
  6. Hahaha bro, wrong section Mod close this ae