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  1. Remember me? Add my Skype, beachedonduty
  2. [quote name='Envo']You seem like a very talented programmer, good luck! Also consider joining the content team we could use more web development people.[/QUOTE] Thanks! Meh, not really my thing tbh.
  3. Hey, I've been looking/trying to get back into RSPS these past few months and considered starting my own project however my knowledge on RuneScape as a whole has taken a hit these past few years as I haven't been apart of any projects or played in some time. I would like to join a team as a Web Developer where I have an extensive knowledge with PHP, MySQL and frameworks like Laravel and CodeIgniter. I've also run and managed multiple forums on different software including SMF, IP.Board, vBulletin and MyBB. You can view some of my projects I've done by viewing the threads I've created in the Web Development board of these Forums. Most of these are from 1 year+ ago but I can show some more recent work if requested. Depending on the time and effort required I may require some kind of pay. Being a part of a successful project and server is really what I want. Add me on Skype - BeachedOnDuty
  4. Hi, I've been away from RSPS in general since around 2010 when I started working full time. I continued lurking around the popular forums such as RuneLocus as I still keep the interest in RSPS. I started developing servers in early 2009 but started losing interest during 2010 as I got into Web Development and by 2011 I had no time to run a server. Since then I got myself a bit of life experience and joined the army (which I'm still in, just not as full on anymore) as a driver. These days I have a lot more spare time but generally spend anywhere between 1-2 months away each year. I'm looking into starting a new project this year and need the help from 1 or 2 others as server developers. I want people I can trust. I'm providing funds to the whole project so money isn't an issue. The position(s) that are open aren't solely for developers. I want people who are creative and willing to be a part of "management" where we make collective decisions as a whole. My part: as I said earlier my last few years I've been doing a bit of Web Development work on the side of my day job and am familiar with such frameworks as CodeIgniter and Laravel so I can make some pretty neat Web apps/features allowing our players to interact more online. I will also be providing the funds for the whole project to ensure everything is stable. If you think you're interested in a position or would like to chat about the project I would love to hear from you (after all, I need some more/new friends in the RSPS Community!). You can either get in contact with me on RuneLocus or add my Skype. Skype: BeachedOnDuty Cheers!
  5. Added you both. Skype: BeachedOnDuty
  6. Just got 24 mage tonight, not a bad start. Hopefully I'll get to 40 tomorrow. [IMG]http://s17.postimg.org/4mlky8dhb/26th_mage_update.png[/IMG]
  7. Hey team, So I've come hooked to Runescape again now that the old school version has come out. Only really started playing again at the start of this month and here's my progression so far :) [SPOILER=As of 26 November 2013] [SPOILER=Bank] [img]http://s12.postimg.org/69te652kt/Bank1.png[/img] [img]http://s12.postimg.org/9up9pd74d/Bank2.png[/img] [img]http://s12.postimg.org/tmrfoniod/Bank3.png[/img] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Skills] [img]http://s23.postimg.org/a65po93cb/Skills.png[/img] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Quests] [img]http://s12.postimg.org/8q09h3qz1/Quests.png[/img] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [B]Goals [/B](as of 26 November 2013) [LIST] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]40-60 Range[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FFA500"]2-60 Magic (currently 24)[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]1-30 Runecrafting[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]3-30 Crafting[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]20-30 Fletching[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]24-40 Woodcutting[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]16-40 Firemaking[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FF0000"]17-30 Mining[/COLOR] [*][COLOR="#FFA500"]531-1000 total level (currently 554)[/COLOR] [/LIST] I'll try and update this thread as often as possible and this post with regular progression updates every few weeks. Feel free to add me in-game, Lmmortal nLc
  8. [quote name='Friss']I'd say just having a table of IP address, server id, and date would be effective for multiple votes from the same IP. Obviously proxy checking could be added by as well. Captcha's could also be added for more anti bot methodology.[/QUOTE] That's the same method I've used for previous projects and it definitely the most effective and efficient way I've done it in the past but of course, it's still not bulletproof.
  9. evercookie looks kinda promising. Do you have any experience with it?
  10. [quote name='Emily']Well you have two options from how I see it, unless you want to require a user registration to vote. With non-registered users you have cookies or sessions. Sessions are considered harder to manipulate and access than cookies. If you require registration you can simple store the last vote time into the user table and check with the current time. That seems like the optimal path.[/QUOTE] It's just with sessions it's simple to create a bot for and registration can be a bit of a pain. Sessions, IP saved in the database and checking if it's a proxy (simple check if port 80 is open) could work.
  11. [quote name='Emily']Don't make this a reason not to. Release your own version, there is no harm in submitting new content.[/QUOTE] Of course. I've noticed you've just used sessions for the voting? Considered implementing any other ways?
  12. Hah, I literally just started making something like this a bit over an hour ago just as a project to release.. :( I'll take a look though :P
  13. Surreal


    Looks pretty nice, had a quick play and look at the source. What made you want to learn/develop with the Django Framework?
  14. Surreal

    RS2 Beta

    [quote name='Ishana']BUMP! we are working on this again now.[/QUOTE] Give me a PM with your Skype or come to the chat box :)
  15. [quote name='CheesyFeet']FileCum is back! Sign up guys.[/QUOTE] ... so it's FileChum or FileCum?