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  1. im looking for a website like rs-ps.org,rswebclient or rspscodeing if u have one please post here or pm me
  2. [CENTER]So kingv3 is now back after long unwanted shutdown with major changes and updates ill be showing some videos by players and pics by me the owner xxbryantd(kingmagic45) Kingv3 is old school pking server based off cammy pvp and most customs that u might see in few old pics have been removed because most people dont like them :p link for those people who like to check it out by them selfs [url]http://kingv4.3owl.com/world1.html[/url] Ok so here so old videos of the server by the players By:Bharat [video=youtube;4j8HLksM25M]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j8HLksM25M&feature=related[/video] By:XC [video=youtube;jjfZpDYx8dk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjfZpDYx8dk[/video] [video=youtube;8IHzdNRTNG0]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IHzdNRTNG0&feature=related[/video] By:Lucasiscrazy [video=youtube;8_yBSxvJhTE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_yBSxvJhTE&feature=related[/video] OK 1st pic is really old but its to show how maney people we had :) [IMG]http://i1034.photobucket.com/albums/a422/xxbryantd/Capture.png[/IMG] well crap having trouble with more pics but ill get up soon[/CENTER]
  3. XxBryantD

    double chat???

    when i type something and hit enter it shows twice for other people one with a crown and one without we all are using the webclient its a 317 idk this client or server side either
  4. XxBryantD

    ingame highscore

    its been awhile since i have coded and i forgot how to add ingame pk scoreboard can anyone tell me how or point me to tut on it
  5. i need help finding a source called cammy pvp beta v2 i used it as a base but some files are missing from my server and i need to fix it so does anyone have it and can upload?
  6. i need cammy pvp source and client because my server was based off it and now im missing files and cant find anywhere to replace them
  7. [QUOTE=Dodge';584989]Are you really going to charge for a people to get 10th on WaW...? lel[/QUOTE] not on waw but im getting jtag and buying patch go online with so im chang site up when i get it
  8. pmed you if he cant help i need somone else
  9. im need a website like [URL="http://wookielobby.com/lobbies.php"]this[/URL] but for world at war and i need my livestream video on it and maybe custom chatbox for me can anyone help idk if i can pay right now :/
  10. i need help to portforward with netgear router via teamviewer if u can help ill pm info
  11. [quote name='Ramsin']Yes me :)[/QUOTE] can u tell me how get it to work?
  12. has any been able get client connect to source??
  13. in client folder there is folder called cache614 move to c drive