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  1. Very nice server. Sadly, i won't be able to play it nearly as much as I used to but I suggest it to everyone.
  2. Zezima will always be #1 in my heart.
  3. I main Jungle. Kha'zix, Vi, Elise (main) and Amumu.
  4. May give it a crack. Are you looking for a Web Developer?
  5. I must say this is one of the best servers I have ever played. Ever since returning to the RSPS scene i've been hunting for a RSPS with a proper economy not a "login ::max ::gearpk" server and I can say I thouroughly enjoy it. Accompany the server gameplay with active and friendly players (everytime you login you're met with a welcome back) packed along with an owner who actually has some programming knowledge (ik wtf) and regular patches/updates you have one of the best servers to date. Equillium will be a #1 I guarantee it.
  6. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']Too bad you ruined it with the new ugly ass characters, looks so horrible in PI. You should just keep it oldschool.[/QUOTE] I personally really like it.
  7. I've started playing this server and though the player base isn't gigantic the server and its content is some of the best I've seen since my return to the RSPS scene. I suggest anyone should try this server out because it's indeed very good.
  8. [MENTION=217]Dean[/MENTION] The Walking Dead is overhyped and fucking trash.
  9. Acrylix

    Burning Fat?

    [MENTION=182790]ShishirG2[/MENTION] I couldn't care less about how much i weigh, I've just got a small bit of flab/moobs i want to get rid of.
  10. Acrylix

    Burning Fat?

    [MENTION=25659]Raw Envy[/MENTION] [MENTION=182790]ShishirG2[/MENTION] What type of exercise am i looking at?
  11. [MENTION=183678]Biggy[/MENTION] does it really matter?
  12. Acrylix

    Burning Fat?

    Hey i'm just looking for some techniques that help burn fat. I'm 192cm (6 something?) and weigh 90kg (IDK pounds) and i just want to burn just that little bit more fat. I run alot and do a bit of weights but not much. Any suggestions to help me burn excess fat will be very helpful.
  13. Acrylix

    Starting with RSPS

    [MENTION=51401]Chris Ego[/MENTION] i know very little.
  14. [MENTION=16807]Abnant[/MENTION] What's the playerbase like?