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  1. lord boss

    voting help

    i did all the setup for vote ok and when i compile i got this errors its say [QUOTE]VoteReward reward = Launcher.vote.hasVoted(player.getUsername().toLowerCase().replaceAll(" ", "_"));[/QUOTE] someone help me??
  2. lord boss

    mysql voting

    im getting errors in my run.bat when i do the gtl vote here the pic [ATTACH=CONFIG]9238[/ATTACH]
  3. i will add me on skype now ; helprsps i tell u in details what i can do
  4. lord boss

    npc point systems

    iits there any pvm points system if yes can u post here i never founded in google or in youtube thanks
  5. still not resovled bump!!
  6. lord boss

    i got this errors

    when i added this to my server side [QUOTE]Hello, This is how to set up GTL Vote V1.1 on 667/*** revision servers. Firstly in Launcher.java Code: import org.Vote.*; Then still in Launcher.java (right at the top below "public final class Launcher {") Code: public static MainLoader vote = new MainLoader("Host", "User", "Pass", "db"); Then you can close Launcher.java Open Commands.java Add this import at the top: Code: import org.Vote.*; Still in Commands.java. In your playerCommands add: Code: case "check": case "reward": try { VoteReward reward = Launcher.vote.hasVoted(player.getUsername().toLowerCase().replaceAll(" ", "_")); if(reward != null){ switch(reward.getReward()){ case 0: //vote id 0 break; case 1: //vote id 1 break; //add more here default: player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "Reward not found.", player); break; } player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "Thank you for voting.", player); } else { player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "You have no items waiting for you.", player); } } catch (Exception e){ player.getPackets().sendMessage(99, "[GTL Vote] An SQL error has occured.", player); } return true; BUT CAREFUL BECAUSE THERE IS ALREADY A CHECK COMMAND!! (It's advised to change that one to "CheckIP") Now add GTLVote.jar to data/libs (or just your libs folder, which ever you use.). Compile + done![/QUOTE] and i got this errors [SIZE=5][ATTACH=CONFIG]9236[/ATTACH][/SIZE]
  7. lord boss

    auto voting

    bump!!! still not resolved
  8. lord boss

    quest tab

    how i can change im using lost realm [ATTACH=CONFIG]9226[/ATTACH] to this ?[ATTACH=CONFIG]9227[/ATTACH]
  9. lord boss

    auto voting

    i need help doing the callback If you are using RuneLocus callback, put your callback url on RuneLocus to "http://yoursite.com/vote/php/callback.php" And on RuneToplist, put the callback url to "http://yoursite.com/vote/php/callback.php?callback="
  10. add me on skpye : helprsps
  11. i know that like iwant to change the reward and i dont know how to give the person 5 crystal keys and 50m when finish the quest
  12. lord boss

    quest give money

    how i can edit my lost city rewards in lost realm like i want when u done the quest its give 5 crystal key and 50m?
  13. lord boss


    i help add me on skype : helprsps