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  1. I just search the song name on Google like "Love This Life.m4a" and a iTunes file will show up. .m4a is AAC that was purchased iTunes Songs. (If they have purchase details in the info) or could be iTunes CD Rips. You can also search albums along with 320kbps for High Quality.
  2. Fixed the BotNet mess. November 22nd. [QUOTE]Moved the home location to Edgeville. Fixed Duradel task assigning. Santa hat removed from the Vote Points Exchange. Players are now restored when exiting Bounty Hunter. TzTokJad no longer has a block animation (to prevent attack animation interference). Removed the skeletons in the Edgeville wilderness. Updated the location necklace.[/QUOTE]
  3. [quote name='The Pro Pker']None of the links work.[/QUOTE] Because the owner's stuff has been hacked... Read my post before posting that.
  4. [quote name='robbertgoemi']news about bs?[/QUOTE] Everything was pretty much deleted is what the hacker is saying. Palidino's email was injected and hacked. They are apparently fucking everything up that is linked with that email.
  5. Might look into this sometime. I'm actually thinking about buying a new one. :P
  6. There has to be another Planet that has life on it. This isn't the only Planet to have the materials we have lol.