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  1. Hello! I downloaded plutoscape from here: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?79303-PlutoScape-Release!-PI[/url] When i try to run it it says: [ATTACH=CONFIG]6145[/ATTACH] Can anyone help? Please!!!
  2. Actualy, I know something about RSPS. I was more hoping that someone could point me to server that has all the necesary things(cache, client, source) and that it all works, because I have tried and downloaded about 10 rsps but just two of them worked, but one of them didnt have anything to do (no minigames, no bosses, bad combat etc.) and other one crashed every five minutes, so I would like If someone could post a link with a tested server that doesnt suck. Please and Thank you!
  3. Hello! Can someone suggest a server for offline playing? I dont have internet at home but i love rs and rsps so i woud like to play one at home. Please and thank you!