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  1. so everything is working fine and i try and put it up on a Webclient and it says "error. click for details" so i click on it and it says it cant find the loader.class CAN SOMEONE HELP ME ITS THE LAST THING I NEED TO DO!!!!
  2. if someone can get me an up and running webclient with a signed jar i will be paying money add me on skype if interested - ohhvozy
  3. hey i just got my first donation on my server and i was wondering how every other server has instant donation in game if someone could help me that would be amazing <3
  4. need a webdeveloper to produce me a webclient!!! i have had about 5-10 people try and do it and they cant!! please help me!!
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  6. [quote name='popovic']Fix Your download link sir.[/QUOTE] There is nothing wrong with it
  7. all that is required is you will have to jar my client and sign it and then put it into a webclient add me on skype if interested - ohhvozy also i will have to see it up and working for me to pay you :)
  8. Ladam

    Passwords? HELP!

    Is there anyway for me [owner] to see someone else's password because when i use my command to see someones password there is a just a jumble of numbers and letters which obviously isn't there password, so my question is, is there anyway for me to see someone else's password
  9. still need a webclient!!
  10. Ladam


    mmkae lol just type in auto voting script 718 in google and its the first one and read the comments someone links you to it
  11. Ladam


  12. Ladam


    best guide ever [url]http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs2-server/tutorials/406707-new-runetoplist-voting-script-v2-vote4items.html[/url]
  13. [quote name='RS From The 00s']Create a new webpage.[/QUOTE] i dont understand it im just gonna pay someone
  14. [quote name='rs from the 00s']i recommend trying this: [url]https://www.rspscoding.org/cgi_bin/panel/?action=webclients[/url][/quote] wait it doesnt work it loads a totally different client
  15. [quote name='Arix']Note: You don't need anything special to make a jar. A jar is a ZIP file with a different extension. You can just put all the classes in a zip file while keeping the folder structure and then add a META-INF where it specifies the main class. The main class has to be an Applet or JApplet in order to work in a browser. EDIT: You may have to sign your jar file too. (It's needed)[/QUOTE] i have done all of that still will not work :l
  16. [quote name='RS From The 00s']In a run.batch file. Make sure C:/Program Files/Java/jre7/bin/java.exe corresponds to your Java version, and the run.batch is in the same folder as your jar. I can't help you anymore if this doesn't work, Webclients work fine for me using this, sorry.[/QUOTE] will i have to jar it again?
  17. [quote name='RS From The 00s'][code]@echo off "C:/Program Files/Java/jre7/bin/java.exe" -Xmx512m -jar client.jar pause [/code][/QUOTE] and were do i add that?
  18. [quote name='RS From The 00s']Run it in jre7.[/QUOTE] run it in jre7 what you mean?
  19. [quote name='RS From The 00s']I think I know what you done, you must of set Main-Class: Loader.class in stead of Main-Class: Loader. I've sent you the new client jar and applet code.[/QUOTE] now it says just loader no bin.loader just loader
  20. [quote name='RS From The 00s']I think I know what you done, you must of set Main-Class: Loader.class in stead of Main-Class: Loader. I've sent you the new client jar and applet code.[/QUOTE] were did you send this new client and applet code?
  21. [quote name='RS From The 00s']I edited the post, try it again.[/QUOTE] now its just bin.loader not bin.loader.class
  22. [quote name='RS From The 00s'][code] <applet name="TrinityPk" width="765" height="503" archive="https://www.dropbox.com/s/lgjr98sptkv2w26/TrinityPk.jar" code="bin/Loader"> <param name="java_arguments" value="-Xmx1024m"/> </applet> [/code] Try that.[/QUOTE] now it says it cant find bin.loader.class instead of loader.class
  23. [quote name='RS From The 00s']Oh ok then the jar is fine, one second I'll check something.[/QUOTE] sweet just message me back when you think you have done it :)