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  1. ***ATTENTION*** Sorry for those that posted, but after browsing through the directories, I had found that the .java's were NOT there! Once again I appreciate the help from those that posted. Request thread closure. Thanks, Munkeywaxx
  2. Sorry for an extremely late reply, but this hasn't worked either. :/ " javac: file not found: src/com/rs/cores/*.java Usage: javac <options> <source files> " I Appreciate everyone that has tried to help, maybe using eclipse is the way forward. Thanks, Munkeywaxx [Edit] I am connecting to the VPS By using PuTTY VIA Windows. So by the looks of it, Eclipse can't be used. :/
  3. [quote name='Citellum']Simply read it. It can't did the library FileStore in the path you set.[/QUOTE] Clap Clap Clap. Awesome feedback! [quote name='proyster']Go to launcher.java and in it search for Runtime.getRuntime().exec(" In the quotation marks will something like "java -server -Xms2048m -Xmx20000m -cp bin;/data/libs/netty-3.2.6.Final.jar;/data/libs/FileStore.jar Launcher false false true false" #!/bin/bash cd src put whats in the quotation marks here read[/QUOTE] You don't understand? This is for RUNNING the server. I'm looking to compile it after I make changes.
  4. Thanks for replying. But this hasn't worked. Error is below: : No such file or directoryc <JAVA Stuff> Compiler.sh: line 3: data/libs/FileStore: Is a directory Sorry for my incompetence with ubuntu. Is there any other solution? <Note> Would It help if I moved the JDK<verison>/bin/javac to the Server directory? Thanks, Munkeywaxx Also, This is a script for running the server. :P I'm looking for a fix for the Compiler.sh.
  5. Hey guys, Thought I'd ask here as I cannot find anywhere on google that knows the problem I keep comming across. So, I'll get to the point. Recently, I uploaded my server to an UBUNTU VPS. The "Run" Script works, but the compiler keeps getting some errors. I am aware that JDK has been installed successfully, but I do know that the compiler.sh Doesn't work. The compiler.sh as it stands: #!/bin/bash javac -classpath lib/*: -sourcepath src/src/com/rs/*.java src/com/rs/cache/*.java src/com/rs/cache/loaders/*.java src/com/rs/cores/*.java src/com/rs/game/*.java src/com/rs/game/item/*.java src/com/rs/game/minigames/*.java src/com/rs/game/minigames/clanwars/*.java src/com/rs/game/minigames/creations/*.java src/com/rs/game/minigames/duel/*.java src/com/rs/game/minigames/pest/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/combat/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/combat/impl/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/corp/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/dragons/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/dungeonnering/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/familiar/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/fightcaves/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/fightkiln/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/fightpits/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/godwars/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/godwars/armadyl/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/godwars/bandos/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/godwars/saradomin/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/godwars/zammorak/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/godwars/zaros/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/kalph/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/nomad/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/others/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/pet/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/qbd/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/slayer/*.java src/com/rs/game/npc/sorgar/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/actions/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/actions/mining/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/actions/runecrafting/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/actions/thieving/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/content/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/content/agility/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/content/construction/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/content/dungeoneering/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/content/dungeoneering/rooms/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/content/pet/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/controlers/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/controlers/castlewars/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/controlers/events/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/controlers/fightpits/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/controlers/pestcontrol/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/cutscenes/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/cutscenes/actions/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/dialogues/*.java src/com/rs/game/player/quests/*.java src/com/rs/game/tasks/*.java src/com/rs/io/*.java src/com/rs/net/*.java src/com/rs/net/decoders/*.java src/com/rs/net/decoders/handlers/*.java src/com/rs/net/encoders/*.java src/com/rs/tools/*.java src/com/rs/utils/*.java src/com/rs/utils/huffman/*.java The errors: javac: file not found: src/com/rs/cache/*.java Usage: javac <options> <source files> use -help for a list of possible options The server source is 718 I do believe. Am I Doing anything wrong? Thanks, Munkeywaxx