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  1. as it says. it is a HIGHLY modified Delta 317 source with all brand new content right before EOC Update. i have properly coded, NEX, all the chaotic weapons, Dragon Claws, Torva works completely, pernix and virtus need just a tad work, (NOTHING SERIOUS MODELS AND EVERYTHING HAVE ALREADY BEEN ADDED). there is also a "bank registration" registration feature added, that if you register to a certain bank, your gold will gain interest over time. all working skills. the source has also been optimized to easily host one thousand players with no lag AT ALL. this is simply thee best 317 revised server ever made. there is LITTLE TO NO WORK that needs to be done, you simply buy the source and client from me, i send you the files VIA Skype, you simply dump it on a VPS and your good to go. (obviously you have to make webclient, website ect). I WILL NOT RESPOND TO THIS FORUM THREAD IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS AMAZING SOURCE, ADD ME ON SKYPE MY NAME IS.... cody.dusavage.. im not going to put a price tag on this just yet, i want to see what you guys have to offer. because once i show you the source in action, and i give you a tour through what we created, you will be amazed. I PROMISE YOU!!!! skype name yet again: cody.dusavage. I WILL NOT RESPOND TO FORUM POSTS.
  2. ok so im not a noob or anything, ive used the searchbar, cant find anything to help. basically i have a perfect jarred client file along with a perfect index.html, but for some reason it wont load perfectly lol. it has nothing to do with the sprites, i even deleted the cache from %userprofile% reloaded the webclient on the page and it will download the cache completely but when it comes time to load, it wont load the title screen. no clue what to do, the coding and jar file is impeccable, along with the autocachedownloader. i have a 317 source with a 601 client. add me on skype, i will not check this forum post because i am far too busy with bringing my server out of the beta phase.... add me on skype... cody.dusavage... need prompt assistance, we have players and all we need is to finish the webclient, to take a look at this error first hand, go to... [url]http://bushidoscape.net/play/[/url]
  3. [quote name='waempie']- Make sure when jarring ur client the input folder is the right one, before you ever start thinking about before jarring the client check if the autocache downloader is working so other ppl get the cache so they can play. On runelocus there are alot of guides to jar ur client. hit the search button and try to find it ;).[/QUOTE] i already used the searchbar, i already tried to set the autocachedownloader and i throws me a hundred errors when i compile it after putting my dropbox link in the signlink.java
  4. as it says, i have a delta based source and client, i have all the materials necessary,E.G (client, VPS, Registered domain but no site,) i just cant figure out how to do it, keeps giving me errors, spent countless hours and read endless tut's. if anyone can make me a webclient that would be awesome, and if you could also make a website using the domain i already have registered that will earn you extra cash!!! the ONLY way to get ahold of me is through skype, i will be checking this post frequently to see if there are any responses. i am in need of most urgency. so please get ahold of me. my skype name is, cody.dusavage
  5. my skype name is cody.dusavage
  6. like i said, if anybody could help me with this issue, i would give most kudo's to them. for real, this is a sticky situation. i have quite a few players already and i havent advertised this server AT ALL, and i already have people that want to donate, but i cant have them donate if i cannot login. so please, urgency is definitely most needed in this situation.
  7. still didnt work =\, i used my settings as so : portforwarded through the router, change all my ip's in client.java, and gui.java to (ON MY CLIENT ONLY, EVERYONE ELSE IS STILL USING MY NO-IP), i already have my firewall exceptions, and my router firewalls set properly, and then i click run.bat server responds that it is indeed online, my friends can log onto my server, but when i try the error message i receive is "sorry, loading char profile" which is basically "Error connecting to server".
  8. ok, so i have portfowarded correctly, i have 4 friends online right now, but i still cannot login!!!!! >=(, i have exceptions in both router and windows firewall, i have my ip changed to, ive tried all the other localhost ip's and NOTHING! WHOEVER CAN FIX THIS WINS THE INTERNET FOR ETERNITY
  9. and no i have portfowarded everything correctly, its just i cant login to my own server
  10. yes i took care of the firewall on the router, do i need to have a windows firewall exception to? because i turned off the routers and windows firewall
  11. dont tell me to "use the searchbar" either. because ive spent countless hours researching this issue and troubleshooting.
  12. ok so i have everything coded perfectly, i have tried portforwarding a couple different of ways including u torrent and through the router manually, to much avail, i have friends that can login and play, but for some reason now i cant, i sent out the downloadable client with obviously my no-ip address in the GUI.java and also in the Client.java, and on my end ive edited everything in those files IP-wise back to ive also tried and "localhost", to no avail. then i tried switching it back to my no-ip and it doesnt work either. if anyone could help this would be greatly appreciated. i have players i need to manage and i if i cannot login there is obviously going to be issues. so please get back to me asap.