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  2. I did read it. I saw your reasoning. Instead of assuming that others didn't read it, maybe you should reread it and see some of the flaws in your logic. Just because inactive sections are first, that doesn't mean people will think we are inactive. There are these things called scrollbars that people can use to navigate the page. In addition to that, we have this sidebar with all the recent posts. People don't go to the forum index looking for new posts, they go to the specific section they are looking for or the sidebar. The forum is layed out in a flow similar to every other forum on the internet. Official stuff, General Stuff, Stuff pertaining to forum topic, stuff pertaining to offtopic. I'm pretty sure the forums get redesigned every few months and it never has any effect, not even a minimal effect. A bunch of the community members came together and agreed on this one, and I don't think it's going anywhere.
  3. Kevy

    SOTM April

    much pretty wow a lot of improvement from last months
  4. +1 but as others said, i don't seem how re-organizing the boards will solve anything. It's not like people are too lazy to scroll down. I like the other suggestions though! And as steven pointed out, there isn't any reason "not" to try any of the suggestions, meaning it's really a risk free project that doesn't seem very time or effort consuming. Only requires initiative.
  5. someone call the police, cart hasn't been home in days
  6. Swift is cool because you don't have to learn obj C anymore to make apple apps, also you don't need an iphone because there development kits have simulators and stuff. imo if you wanted to make an app I would just make it in java since you're already familiar with it, and then pay someone to convert it. idk though, i've never made an app
  7. https://www.reddit.com/user/RockitJoe956?count=25&after=t1_df2l1um Looks like all his drawing have a JC, so did you collab on all of them? Also his drawings are physical sketches, so how was it a 30 hour pen tool piece? I'm not doubting you, i'm just curious. My vote goes to @Gemu
  8. you should make this page live and public
  9. voting for @Substance , but if I was high I would probably vote for ziek. Good Job everyone
  10. Kevy's top 3 servers 2/20/17 1. Alora 2. Os-Scape 3. HDPvP

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    2. StevenAbraham


      you forgot kratos

    3. Kevy


      that old admin was shit, what was his name again? ;)

    4. Hope
  11. I would buy donator but then everyone on the forums would be a donator lmao plus steve probably donated with my money anyways
  12. Kevy


    looks a-oh-kay
  13. #drama to bring everything back on topic, I support both the 10 year award and the guy getting the gfx award