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  1. Edit: I received an email to confirm my account! It just took many hours but it came through in the end :) Thankyou anyway! I love all of you staff! Have a bright and happy day! With lots of love and happiness to Cart especially! have a wonderful day! :) Thankyou! :)
  2. I clicked on register and after I completed the register process, it said it sent me a confirmation email to [email][email protected][/email]. I however did not receive an email. The Username was Snowpk but I cannot login to the account since it "doesn't exist" because I havn't activated it. Hope that makes my problem a bit more clear :) Thanks =)
  3. Hey, I made a new account but I am not getting any confirmation email? The account name is: SnowPK Can someone please confirm it? Thanks =)
  4. Hai I am trying to add an animation and gfx to a weapon but it won't work. I have added it in playercombat.java but when your ingame it will still punch or kick the npc instead of using the weapon with the animation+gfx. Anyone know how to fix this issue? Thankyouuuu to whoever can help me with this xD Emilyy
  5. [quote name='Citellum']Instead of [code] case 6199: [/code] Put [code] case 6199: return false; break; [/code] If you want to do multiple items do something like: [code] case 6199: case 6300: case 6200: return false; break; [/code][/QUOTE] Didn't work :L I can still trade m boxes
  6. Haii everyone, I am trying to make some items untradeable. Let's use a mystery box for example. I followed a tutorial by someone and it said in "Itemconstants.java" under the "switch (item.getId()) {" put "case (item id): underneathe it and it will make the item untradeable. [CODE] public static boolean isTradeable(Item item) { if (item.getDefinitions().isLended() || ItemConstants.getItemDefaultCharges(item.getId()) != -1) return false; switch (item.getId()) { case 6199: //Mystery Box default: return true; } } }[/CODE] When I went ingame, I could still trade the mystery box. Does anyone know how to actually make an item untradeable? I will need to make chaotics untradeable aswel. All help is greatly appreciated! Emily x
  7. Hai all, I am trying to get the Bandos, Sara and Arma altars in the Godwars dungeon to refil your prayer like the normal altar does. Where about would I add this code? I think I have to put it in Objecthandler.java but where in there do I add it? Please give me the first few lines of code for the altar if you could. Thanks =) Emily x
  8. Hai everyone, I am trying to make the King Black Dragon Respawn but for some reason it just won't. I am using 667. In World.java I put this in the import section at the top. [CODE]import com.rs.game.npc.dragons.KingBlackDragon;[/CODE] Still in World.java but further on down I also added this: [CODE]else if (id == 50 || id == 2642) n = new KingBlackDragon(id, tile, mapAreaNameHash, canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, spawned);[/CODE] Now I wen to the KingBlackDragon.java file and added this: [CODE]package com.rs.game.npc.dragons; import java.util.List; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; import com.rs.cores.CoresManager; import com.rs.game.Animation; import com.rs.game.Entity; import com.rs.game.Graphics; import com.rs.game.Hit; import com.rs.game.Hit.HitLook; import com.rs.game.World; import com.rs.game.WorldTile; import com.rs.game.npc.NPC; import com.rs.game.npc.combat.NPCCombatDefinitions; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTask; import com.rs.game.tasks.WorldTasksManager; import com.rs.utils.Utils; @SuppressWarnings("serial") public final class KingBlackDragon extends NPC { private boolean[] demonPrayer; private int fixedCombatType; private int[] cachedDamage; private int shieldTimer; private int fixedAmount; private int prayerTimer; public KingBlackDragon(int id, WorldTile tile, int mapAreaNameHash, boolean canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, boolean spawned) { super(id, tile, mapAreaNameHash, canBeAttackFromOutOfArea, spawned); demonPrayer = new boolean[3]; cachedDamage = new int[3]; shieldTimer = 0; switchPrayers(0); } public void switchPrayers(int type) { resetPrayerTimer(); } private void resetPrayerTimer() { prayerTimer = 16; } @Override public void processNPC() { super.processNPC(); if (isDead()) return; if (Utils.getRandom(40) <= 2) sendRandomProjectile(); if (getCombat().process()) {// no point in processing for (int i = 0; i < cachedDamage.length; i++) { if (cachedDamage[i] >= 310) { cachedDamage = new int[3]; } } } for (int i = 0; i < cachedDamage.length; i++) { if (cachedDamage[i] >= 310) { cachedDamage = new int[3]; } } } @Override public void handleIngoingHit(final Hit hit) { int type = 0; super.handleIngoingHit(hit); if (hit.getSource() instanceof Player) {// Armadyl Battlestaff Player player = (Player) hit.getSource(); if ((player.getEquipment().getWeaponId() == 21777 || player .getEquipment().getWeaponId() == 2104) && hit.getLook() == HitLook.MAGIC_DAMAGE && hit.getDamage() > 0) { shieldTimer = 120; player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "This Monster is Weekened by your weapon."); } } if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.MAGIC_DAMAGE) { if (demonPrayer[0]) { hit.setDamage(0); } else { cachedDamage[0] += hit.getDamage(); } } else if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.MELEE_DAMAGE) { type = 1; if (demonPrayer[1]) { hit.setDamage(0); } else { cachedDamage[1] += hit.getDamage(); } } else if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.RANGE_DAMAGE) { type = 2; if (demonPrayer[2]) { hit.setDamage(0); } else { cachedDamage[2] += hit.getDamage(); } } else if (hit.getLook() == HitLook.MISSED) { cachedDamage[type] += 20; } else { cachedDamage[Utils.getRandom(2)] += 20;// random } } @Override public void sendDeath(Entity source) { final NPCCombatDefinitions defs = getCombatDefinitions(); resetWalkSteps(); getCombat().removeTarget(); setNextAnimation(null); shieldTimer = 0; WorldTasksManager.schedule(new WorldTask() { int loop; @Override public void run() { if (loop == 0) { setNextAnimation(new Animation(defs.getDeathEmote())); } else if (loop >= defs.getDeathDelay()) { drop(); reset(); setLocation(getRespawnTile()); finish(); setRespawnTask(); stop(); } loop++; } }, 0, 1); } private void sendRandomProjectile() { WorldTile tile = new WorldTile(getX() + Utils.random(7), getY() + Utils.random(7), getPlane()); setNextAnimation(new Animation(412)); World.sendProjectile(this, tile, 1887, 34, 16, 40, 35, 16, 0); for (int regionId : getMapRegionsIds()) { List<Integer> playerIndexes = World.getRegion(regionId) .getPlayerIndexes(); if (playerIndexes != null) { for (int npcIndex : playerIndexes) { Player player = World.getPlayers().get(npcIndex); if (player == null || player.isDead() || player.hasFinished() || !player.isRunning() || !player.withinDistance(tile, 3)) continue; player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "The monster's magical attack splashes on you."); player.applyHit(new Hit(this, 281, HitLook.MAGIC_DAMAGE, 1)); } } } } @Override public void setRespawnTask() { if (!hasFinished()) { reset(); setLocation(getRespawnTile()); finish(); } final NPC npc = this; CoresManager.slowExecutor.schedule(new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { setFinished(false); World.addNPC(npc); npc.setLastRegionId(0); World.updateEntityRegion(npc); loadMapRegions(); checkMultiArea(); shieldTimer = 0; fixedCombatType = 0; fixedAmount = 0; } }, getCombatDefinitions().getRespawnDelay() * 5000, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS); } //Your re-spawn time on them. public static boolean atTD(WorldTile tile) { if ((tile.getX() >= 2560 && tile.getX() <= 2630) && (tile.getY() >= 5710 && tile.getY() <= 5753)) return true; return false; } public int getFixedCombatType() { return fixedCombatType; } public void setFixedCombatType(int fixedCombatType) { this.fixedCombatType = fixedCombatType; } public int getFixedAmount() { return fixedAmount; } public void setFixedAmount(int fixedAmount) { this.fixedAmount = fixedAmount; } }[/CODE] I then compile and run server but after I kill the King Black Dragon it just won't respawn at all :L Does anyone know why? And also what do the coordinates in this mean? [CODE]if ((tile.getX() >= 2560 && tile.getX() <= 2630) && (tile.getY() >= 5710 && tile.getY() <= 5753))[/CODE] (that code is from the KingBlackDragon.java above.)
  9. Thanks everyone for your help but I already found my answer from user of another forum. I had to change the "www.dropbox.com" to "dl.dropbox.com" All fixed now, Thankss =)
  10. I replied to your thread. It should help, if not fix your problem.

  11. Hai all, I have been trying to do this for a while now but I just cant seem to get it. I have followed many tutorials on youtube, they all say to the same thing but it doesn't work. I jarred and signed my client correctly and uploaded it to dropbox. Here is my code for my webpage: [CODE]<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 3.2//EN"> <html> <head> <title>Prosper Pk</title> </head> <body> <applet code="Loader.class" archive="https://www.dropbox.com/s/oyjxkvm63dc14o4/ProsperPk.jar" width="100%" height="100%"> Java is not installed on your machine or your browser does not allowed Java Applet to run<br /><br />Get the latest Java technology at <a href="http://www.java.com/">http://www.java.com/</a> </applet> </body> </html>[/CODE] When I open the page the Java circle thingy loads but straight after that I get this error: [url]http://prntscr.com/1umrhn[/url] By the way, this is for a 667 revision so it is supposed to be Loader.class not Client.class. And no, the Loader.class is not missing from my client files. Does anyone know why I get this error? Thanks, Emily x
  12. I just did the test and my results are: Ping: 485ms Download: 1.46Mbps Upload: 0.34Mbps Woohoo :)
  13. I don't think gravedigging is good lol, it just brings up outdated threads which if someone has the same problem as them, it won't help because the solution is most likely outdated aswel and then the person complains the solution doesn't work. Maybe because the thread is 2 years old! That's my opinion :3
  14. Haii everyone, I would just like to see if anyone could try and make me a client background with the words " Prosper Pk " in it. Could it not be positioned in the middle because that is where the login screen is and players will not be able to see it. It does not have to be professional but something that looks neat. I am not really good at designing and that is why I need your help! Thankyou soo much! :) Emily x