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  1. Yo, I'm recoding a Matrix 718 server to a Economy PK server but the shop options won't work. I've really tried everything, followed a few tutorials editing the ButtonHandler.java/Shop.java/WorldPacketsDecoder.java but I still can't sell/buy items to/from the shop, I can't even check the price. Anyone got a solution?
  2. [quote name='Danielxx']if you haven't fixed add my skype il do it[/QUOTE] Added you.
  3. If I change the String IP to my own IP I can't connect... Do I have to change the IP anywhere else?
  4. Okay, so like this: String IP = My IP String Lobby IP = *****.zapto.org(=my no-ip host), right?
  5. Alright, I'm at school atm, gonna do it when I'm home.
  6. So the String IP has to be my no-ip host and the lobby IP?
  7. So I have to change it everytime I change my IP?
  8. [quote name='Danielxx']allright could be a few reasons. il need to take a look at it tho, you have changed the ip in everything yes? and correctly port forwarded[/QUOTE] Where do I have to change the IPs? I only changed the String IP to and the String Lobby IP to my No-Ip host in loader.java. Port 43594 is 100% forwarded. You can add me on Skype if you need to take a closer look, just pm me for my user-name.
  9. [quote name='Danielxx']are u running it on vps or local[/QUOTE] I'm running it local
  10. [Matrix 718] Can anyone tell me how to get others connect on my server? I'm using Port 43594, it's forwarded etc. and for Lobby IP I'm using my no-ip host but still nobody can connect. I created the .jar client with JARMaker.
  11. Never mind got my client running can be closed
  12. I got the S3 and I really like it. The iPhone is just like an iPod + calling.. and Apple's stuff is overpriced.
  13. From Germany. Living in Germany, doesn't mean im German. :]