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  1. Hello, It's been a while sinse I have been on Runelocus. I used to be a developer for 508 sources mostly back in the days. I'm a little older now, been 7 years or so, and im working on a VPS providing webhosting services for anyone who wants to try. Currently it's published and I'm working hard to realise this sinse i have a 40 hour job now, I also work on projects mainly written in JAVA and C#. My knowlegde has increased alot, I also focus on application development. Well sinse Runelocus helped me alot back in the days, if it wasn't for the community i would not have made it this far. Runescape and Runelocus made me have interest in IT, development REALLY appreciate that I'm giving away a 55% off coupon to anyone who wants to host their website. Stay tuned for the release of 8DataBit. Why take this opportunity? Well, to be honest It's up to you. I just wanted to have a nice start giving away coupons, you don't have too stay after the first year or months. I'm providing people with a stable secure webhosting package which contains: -Linux -Fast! -SSD, Gimmeee -DDOS protection -Spam Protection -Able to run 2 PHP versions (Choose from PHP5 untill 7.1) -Limited support -DirectAdmin -Free SSL (Let's Encrypt) -Fairness, the more people I get to host the cheaper it gets ofcourse. Eventually you wont be paying a huge margin, my ultimate goal is to make it FREE for everybody. -On request a private IP-Adres (+4 Euro's a month) -Able to expand storage -APACHE and NGIX, Making your website run at its best! -2-3 sec load time for USA, 0.9 sec for Europe! Sinse the server is located in Germany and using an SSD -Protected by German and Dutch law -Security, IF, yes IF, we get hacked you shouldn't worry. Worst case scenario I will just put a backup back. We are protected by CloudLinux making it almost impossible (unless this person has root acces) to fk with ur website. -Option to have unlimitted bandwith -Yes your sharing the same server and IP with someone else -Clean IP's, I especially asked for clean IP's so your e-mails etc wont get blocked that easily. -I'm not putting 1 million people on 1 server.... Okay that's a bit much but I will make sure that ur website runs without flaws on the VPS. *You will be limited in how much e-mails u can send a day, that will be 1000. If you want this limited to be higher you can e-mail [email protected] we do this to prevent spam. *Backups arn't free this just takes too much space, an SSD isn't that cheap. I will implement this later on maybe I will choose for RAID or an external server. *I will be adding more features and do some optimalisation in the future Couponcode: RUNEWEB007 *55% couponcode for all the hosting packages. (100 will be available) I will also be needing someone to test the user experience, design etc. U will be getting 1 year of free hosting. [email protected] if your interested. Also if ur good with PHP/HTML/CSS etc great! I'm not that good myself... I'm a backend guy http://8databit.net/ - Opening 7th of August. Feel free to message me why and for what purpose your going to use the free package. if your young, new to all this, for educational purposes I give you the opportunity to get a taste for free! FREE Package contains: -Unlimitted bandwidth -8arpa.net domain -2GB storage https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/bpdnzB/http://8databit.net Compare grades with https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/bMdbY2/hosting24.com | https://tools.pingdom.com/#!/dedzxz/godaddy.com
  2. Hello, I'm somehwat experienced in coding on Java. However i mostly code in the .NET enviorment now i still have my old coding skills from way back when i started coding RSPS servers (5-6 years ago). Ahh well i finished my study and im bored so if someone is looking for an old developer just PM me. I didnt code RS in a long time so i might be a little bit :rusty" in the beggining :P -508 -317 only plz.
  3. Im willing to point you in the right direction. > skype: Joyie.echteld (from amsterdam)