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  1. Links - https://discord.gg/sS8j5k8 Colossus-PS Forums - Colossus-PS Play now - http://colossus-ps.xyz/Client/Colossus-PS.jar FEATURES Minigames ------------ - Barrows - Warriors Guild - Duel Arena - Pest Control - Fight Caves - Clan Wars - Inferno - Raids 1 Bosses ----------- - KBD - Sea Troll Queen - Barrelchest - Corp - Daggs - Godwars - Zulrah - Kraken - Giant Mole - Chaos Elemental - Callisto - Scorpia - Vet'ion - Venenatis - Chaos Fanatic - Crazy Archaeologist - Cerberus - Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - Lizard Shaman - Demonic Gorillas - Gelatinnoth Mother - RFD Bosses - Kalphite Queen - Skotizo - Revenants ( Technically a wildy area still implemented) - Boss event bosses ( wildy exclusive spawns) - Custom Boss zone, for ::Bossevent - Spawns 6 random bosses - Pvp Chests (spawn every 45minutes) over 70+ unique items to receive - Particle effect on all the the max capes - Limited quantity of custom items - Focused on Team Pvming, but solo is possible - Unique barrow brother pets and many others - Player perks and Donator perks. - All skill capes comes with a set of perks - Drop rate modifiers, to keep you all busy while Pvming - Competitions daily - Active discord, active community, willing to help when needed - Custom skilling zones - Custom home (edgevile) - We have a lot to offer, come over and check us out. 08/10/2018 - https://gyazo.com/72df908e4b6dbf60d9ff35c66e26c578 - new smithing zone / mining zone - adding a simple teleport to get here ::map -- will be changed for release - fixed xp rates - fixed and adding two new shops, "under development still" 10/10/18 - - Superior bones, now give more xp when berried or used on altar. - Edgevile home objects fixed for missing parts - Work started on Auto client updater - Npc rotations fixed - Nps's moved and in order for slayer masters! 12/10/2018 - Moved RFD portal and chest - North of edge, we now have a altar and spell book changer, next to some banks! - New teleport to get to ::map as this command is only for the ease, while developing it but this is the portal to get there [IMG=https://gyazo.com/8ec2c1942638d012bd7c9a9324d68bff] - Shops updated! - Beta ranks updated! - Updated slayer points and xp received on certain tasks - Reworked the magic system 15/10/2018 - Item bonus's updated - God cape bonuses - Misc items now tradeable - God capes, you gain from praying at the correct statue - Item on Item - Cross bows now have the correct bonus's & shoot the correct ammo 17/10/2018 - imbuing all rings - imbuing all capes - added a Crafting shop, tan your hides and craft your bolt tips / cut them gems! - added dragon arrows to the range shop - added super combats and prayer potions to the consumables - fixed venom splash - fixed client 18/10/2018 - Fixed Ring of suffering, add recoil rings! - Costs 10million coins to imbue rings - When you click the object checks player inventory for the item before removing it. - Client Updated! - Fixed right click on objects, "Fountain of imbued rings, chest or imbued capes" - Added bonuses to blessings - Added more donator benefits, such as there own slayer cave, with monsters! - Updated ::donate, added more cosmetic items plus increased reward value! - Fixed Arclight stats - Updated Donator shop npc 19/10/2018 - Added Obsidia shield to combat store - Added a prestige shop to prestige your stats! for points! - Added Graceful Shop to spend your marks of grace! - Fixed Xp rates for skilling 20/10/2018 - Item packs! are in the game, such as Bronze, iron, steel, mithril,adamant, rune!! - Barrow packs are now enabled! dharoks, guthans, veracs, karils, ahrims! - Bug fix, chisel now no longer disappears - Combat shop update now has armour pack - Added a bank to mining guild - Bug fix, onyx and shield price - Added a anvil to skillers cove - Fixed the fountain of imbued rings, now you must have the ring before it takes the money - Hot fixed 3 dupes -Lowered the prices in the BH point shop - Fixed KBD teleport (now teleports you to the correct cords) - Fixed Item on item (Chisel on torag set) - Fixed 2 item dupes - Added ether (now stackable) - Added revenant ether shop - Updated shop prices - Added perks! - YouTube rank implemented new rank on discord and in game 22/20/2018 - Revenants drop ether! - Revenant shop added! - added a rejuvenation fountain to stop that pesky venom this also heals you and spec! - added legendary donator zone - fixed 2 teleports that took you to the wrong place 24/10/2018 - Added Fun pvp north of edge, enter using blue barrier! - Fixed client - New logo - New client background - Multi world support - Fixed 4 raid bugs - Added ::bossevent - Added custom event zone - Added new boss spawns for the event - Increased the prices in revenant shop - Added sales to the donation page - Added super rare items to the Ultra rare mystery boxes, you now always get a party hat etc no more santa outfit - Fixed the VPS, now no more lag and always online - Fixed 2 Disconnection issues 25/10/18 - Fixed client cache updater - Fixed max cape (Particles where slightly glitched - Fixed Drop table and Npc drops - Added Max cape animations —————————————— - Started work on raids 1 - Started work on Legendary and Epic donator zone! (Custom map) - Started adding perks! (Bone crusher, Noted dragon bones, Double xp, Skill boosts) ———————————————- To come - Vorkath 100% - No more glitching through walls - Auto casting from spell book - New items (Craws bow etc, dragon bolts, vesta etc) - Stress testing ( To ensure we can handle 3-400 players) - Player owned shops - Daily slayer tasks / tasks in general - Ancient relics 28/10/18 - Added zulrah teleport to edge home - Added ancient relics, effigy, medallion - Added Tier 1-3 chests - Renamed lots of objects around home - Increased skilling xp - Added more unique drops to keep pvm active - Fixed 2 memory leaks to keep the game less laggy - Added a 3rd age Mystery box 1/11/18 Updates - Its been a slow one for the last 2days! - Added barrow pets! - Fixed Halloween pet - Added Halloween event - Buffed some main melee weapons - Changed Home a little bit - Added more cosmetics - Added vesta, morgans - Updated The well of good will (Still need to fix double xp officially) - Added Halloween shop - Added event items - Started work on the new boss area in the wildy multi+ - Started working on the Christmas event - Added lucky implings to donator zone 2/11/18 Added new boss Added 1b Cash bag (Allows you to have over 1b as they stack) Added 3 new chests - The golden chest gives raids 2 items Added 3 new keys for the chest 4/11/2018 - Fixed vesta - Added new pets - Added extreme donator box - Added the new boss models and animations - Added rune and adamant dragons - Added a new shop spawn at home (east) - Updated Item definitions - Fixed some npcs that you couldn't attack you can attack now - reworked the new chests - Nearly finnished added "Boss chests to drops!" - Added notifications for when player support, moderators and owners login, also added it for legendary donators 4/11/18 - Updated the price of rune Armour so you can no longer make a profit - Relocated Hellhounds - Relocated Mamoths - Finished adding statius warhammer and vesta longsword - Updated drops! - Added mystery boxes to more bosses - Updated donator zone, so you have the ability to use the shops that are not at home - Added Tier 1-3 Chests to bosses! (need to change a few items in them though) 5/11/18 - Added Agility tickets - Fixed enchanting bolts - Removed some Objects at home - Removed a web you couldn't slash in wildy - Added amulet of torture (or) and Anguish (or) + Occult (or) making - Fixed fletching. making darts, arrows, bows, crossbows + Balistas - Added world announcements when you get a ornament kit - Added Ornament kits to treasure trails - Hard 30/12/2018 - Fixed "You have been stunned" randomly happening and bugging out - Added Krabs, sonic, megaman, squirtle - Added attack animations and standing animations to - Ale of Gods, Scythe of viture - Added a New god sword! as seen! - Added a new map (no teleport as add new npcs) - Added special attack animations to scythe of viture - Fixed a teleport bug (where you'd lag out) - Added max cape emotes to (Zamorak, saradomin, guthix, assembler max cape) 9/01/19 - Added Daily rewards ::claimdr - Added wilderness chest / Spawns every 45 minutes. - Fixed Pk shop prices - Added two new portals at home / Donator only. - Started work on a new custom skilling zone (will need requirements to go there) - Changed the way bosses drop items - Added custom items / new spirit shields and twisted bow - Added deaths godsword / special reduces defence, restores HP and pray - Forum work is being carried out currently, should be ready 15/01/19 - Changed the thieving stalls now you receive items instead of money - Added more items to the Pk shop 11/01/19 - Added cape particles - Added custom spirit shields (Purple pig spirit shield, Blue knight spirit shield, Green elegant spirit shield, Midnight spirit shield) - Started working on the spirit shield stats, they have the same effect as a elysian but diferent stats. - Finished with the deaths godsword, the special consists of ( Dragon scimitar, dragon war-hammer, zamorak godsword, saradmoin godsword) All in one beast of a godsword. - Fixed Elemental shield now works at wyverns - Fixed dragons claws hitting past 100+ damage now on the correct stats - Added custom donator zone - Added custom skilling zone - Started work on the clipping issues - Removed the doors off chaos altar, for easy access - Added more spawn locations to lootchest - Fixed spam clicking loot chest - Updated drop rates for donator+ - Updated drop rates for normal players - Fixed auto casting with staffs - Changed the starter gear - Forums is now completed (so registration on there is key) - lowered prices in ::donate (to fit the rewards) - Added donator tokens - Started work on Donator perks (I strongly believe in not having a P2W community) - Finished adding more ranks in-game - Added drops to brutal dragons, blue, red, black 12/01/19 - Changed loot chest rewards - over 70+ items to be rewarded - Added over 100+ monsters to the wildy same locations as osrs - if i've missed any please let me know. - Changed xp rates - Added skilling zone teleport at home [/CODE]
  2. Can anyone help me with this client? i'm coming across as a massive noob! hit me with a PM if you can would help alot!
  3. Hey, baki I sent you a skype request as I still had your old skype 😉 I might need some assistance with the client x
  4. hey guys just seeing if anyone here can work this error out for me its , much appreciated [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/EDVln4y.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/xY2SPcW.jpg[/IMG]
  5. Great server been watching this since Day 1 brillient!
  6. [FONT=Arial Black][CENTER]Hello guys my name is Combatx if you no who i am great if you don't maybe you might of heard of my servers. I'm here to offer you free help starting from 23/04/2014 - 4/07/2014 I can offer a hole range of ability and advice: [U]What i can code and add:[/U] - Highscores - Auto-Voting - Any npcs - Any shops - Help create a website - Help with any errors you may have. [U]I also know these different languages:[/U] C+ C++ SQL SQLI Mysql If you are bored of watching endless tutorials and you have been trying to set up a server for ages or you've given up because your friend can't help i'm here! you want instant help !! I'm am here, i work free of charge as i enjoy teaching and learning new things. I'm not the type of guy to take the short rout around things or to cut corners i like to make sure i leave you satisfied and happy with the result! [U]Wait hold on![/U] [U]Does this sound to good to be true why? [/U] You may be thinking it does and why would i want to do this all for free well here you go............... Hello guys my name is Combatx Aka Brandon, I have been into Java and source code ever since i was a young lad and now i'm here to share you my knowledge and to teach other people how to do things so they can pass it on! [U]Why would i want to help for free?[/U] I enjoy helping for free i hate to accept money has i have no use for it. I have owned countless servers such as Combat-x v1 - v2 hold a nice 1800 votes within 1 month nothing to major and i have owned other server like Ridiculous-PK v1 and V2 i have learned alot from these servers and i would like to pass it all on to other people who maybe new or old. [U]Why don't i like to accept money?[/U] I see no point in accepting money at the end of the day you will get a professional job done from it whether you pay someone or if you don't i can't understand why you would want to pay someone to make you something or help you code i find it greedy and not normal. I think its completely up to you whether you want to pay or not, i'm not bothered like i said i have no use for your money. [U]Other details:[/U] There is never a Dumb question! If you can't understand anything i will make a nice video or write a very simple and easy tutorial for you to follow! If you want my skype or other details please PM me! Kind regards Combatx, Brandon[/CENTER][/FONT]
  7. combatx

    Java help.

    PATH is the system variable that your operating system uses: Means like 64bit or 32bit. So for example your java in your client could read: C:/Porgram Files x64/Java/Jdk1_0_03/Bin
  8. Ignore me commeted on wrong post
  9. Make sure you have imported everything correctly. If you have make sure the importats you've done match all the locations of the files.
  10. I'm not 100% sure but make sure you have all the correct files as in that error its stating its missing the folder Server. Location Bin/Server
  11. combatx


    Its all deppence if you are connecting through your computer you'll have to run it on localhost, If you want others to connect to your server through your computer use your No-ip like ridiculous-pk.no-ip.biz and then make sure you have allowed the ports 43594 through your routers firewall. To do this go to type that in the URl fuction on your browser. Then login and find your vurtal firewall settings on your router. click add Port or somthing along them lines and add 43594. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You will not be able to connect to your own computer though the NO-IP. But your friends will. Once you put your server on a vps you then will be able to connect to your server using the no-ip, you want to know why you have to use the please pm and ill explain it. I hope this helped.
  12. please enjoy! [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM3s-0NfEXc[/url] Our future movements will be a fund raiser for cancer research!!
  13. Best 718 release yet, well-done! -------------------------------------------------- Lets see how many people leach this xD
  14. I've released a video on this about 2years ago if you have any trouble PortForward on any Router please pm and ill help you and show you how to do it! :)