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  1. [742] Looking for a Devoted Coder My server has a decent player average and a fun community. I code a lot of features but unfortunately, school has started for me. I am looking for a very experienced coder who can code my Matrix based server and provide daily updates to entertain the players. I pay for the VPS and Webhost costs, so dont worry about paying anything. There is about 10 - 15 Daily and more on the Weekends. I am looking for: Someone Creative Someone who knows how to control a smooth Economy (The server runs on an economy, dont code things that would damage it, my players like a challenge) Someone who has Experience Someone who is Friendly and Mature Someone who can provide Daily Updates Someone who is Devoted to the Server I will talk to you about coding, and What needs to be done. If you think you fill these needs, contact me on skype: Anthonylee7890 Thanks and hope to meet great people!