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  1. What he said. This is an boring old ass Matrix source. Nothing new - all you did was use old released snippets. Come up with things on your own, be creative, be cool. Don't be a lame. Nice job anyways, will check it out -- NOT *Download limit has been reached* lol.
  2. What an shit release. Fucking prick, you wasted my time reading this bullshit. Now, im going to come and kill you with your moms dick.
  3. This is an advertisement? Why don't you learn the rules of RuneLocus, and post in the correct forum? isn't that hard...
  4. Apparently, you aint good with Photoshop, so you use Paint for the Title boxes in each tab. Your a professional, ... lol. Anyway thanks. May take a look.
  5. [quote name='PiGuy']Sorry to do this to you bro, but I just hacked your site again. Better get on fixing it. [url]http://puu.sh/4yMbG.jpg[/url][/QUOTE] Lol...your funny....im ROFL and LMAO atm.
  6. [quote name='Xiles']LOLOLOL. There's your hacker Visible.[/QUOTE] You think this is funny eh? I have the programs to hack this one too1 ahaha.... and ill change ur fucking username and password and sell it.
  7. It fucking says so. It says hacked by Cart, and it shows the RuneLocus image. Fucking idiot.
  8. [quote name='Gircat']Add me on Skype.[/QUOTE] Whats ur skype? and also guys... DOMAIN: RUNELOCUS.COM RSP: TransIP BV URL: [url]http://www.transip.nl[/url] owner-contact: P-DGJ660 owner-organization: Build4Web (dept. DNS management) owner-fname: Duguneh owner-lname: Juwara owner-street: Dorpsstraat 70 owner-city: ZUIDLAARDERVEEN owner-zip: 9474 TC owner-country: NL owner-phone: +31 643134876 owner-email: [email][email protected][/email] admin-contact: P-DJJ630 admin-organization: Build4Web (dept. DNS management) admin-fname: Duguneh admin-lname: Juwara admin-street: Dorpsstraat 70 admin-city: ZUIDLAARDERVEEN admin-zip: 9474 TC admin-country: NL admin-phone: +31 643134876 admin-email: [email][email protected][/email] tech-contact: P-DLJ728 tech-organization: Build4Web (dept. DNS management) tech-fname: Duguneh tech-lname: Juwara tech-street: Dorpsstraat 70 tech-city: ZUIDLAARDERVEEN tech-zip: 9474 TC tech-country: NL tech-phone: +31 643134876 tech-email: [email][email protected][/email] billing-contact: P-DJJ630 billing-organization: Build4Web (dept. DNS management) billing-fname: Duguneh billing-lname: Juwara billing-street: Dorpsstraat 70 billing-city: ZUIDLAARDERVEEN billing-zip: 9474 TC billing-country: NL billing-phone: +31 643134876 billing-email: [email][email protected][/email] nameserver: ns0.transip.net nameserver: ns1.transip.nl nameserver: ns2.transip.eu ; TransIP BV ; Real-time domeinregistratie en -beheer vanaf 4.99 Euro! ; [url]http://www.transip.nl/products/domain/[/url] you do have a host....
  9. [quote name='Gircat']You honestly think, Cart would do that? Lmfao. You don't know Cart. But whoever did that does have a point. It was just a replica of RuneLocus.[/QUOTE] Yes I do. I don't like Cart anymore. He used my IP address and probably scanned the network for passwords. He once spammed my site. And he told me on skype he would hack it.
  10. [quote name='Ziek`']Yeah, because RL staff is the only ones who can hack your website and replace it with the RL website. No one else can do that, obviously.[/QUOTE] Quit lien. Thats a picture of proof isn't it? you stupid fuck. I fixed the site back to the way it us, but still!
  11. [quote name='Xiles']Staff aren't hackers anyways. Stop blaming them. Maybe don't let your friend steven get access to your website.[/QUOTE] I trust Steven. I know he wouldn't do it. Hes my administrator of my website for like 4 months and hes been staying active fixing up the place. Hes a good guy.
  12. [quote name='Gircat']Why would the staff even want to hack you...? They have their own business to take care of. Where's your proof? & I know I'm a good member.[/QUOTE] Proof: [url]http://i.imgu
  13. Proof there bud: [url]http://i.im
  14. [quote name='Gircat']Why would the staff even want to hack you...? They have their own business to take care of. Where's your proof? & I know I'm a good member.[/QUOTE] Ill get a photo 1 second.
  15. [quote name='Ziek`']Ha, you're funny. Also idiotic to think we hacked your website. We wouldn't stoop so low, as we don't give 2 shits about your bloody website. Oh, we don't have hosting?? I guess our website is here just because the internet Gods like us so much.[/QUOTE] Well I still have the sites IP and home address :) and you do have an host.