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  1. I want to make a Guid NPC that has a chain of dialogs. Every time the player hits Continue it will be teleported to a new area. Main problem is idk how to disable the user interface so he can't click on map to run or do anything else except hit next continue until last dialog. I know how to do the dialogs and teleport but idk how to disable interface so he can't click anything else. Anyone can help? What function should I use?
  2. I'm running 317 PI source and I have trouble finding a way to remove the drops from NPCs every 5 minutes or so. It will be nice even on monster re-spawn but idk how to do it. Anyone can help? I'm referring to the ground loot. Some areas in game get laggy because players don't pick it up.
  3. Looking for a developer for future updates on this source, I have a server running, will pay by paypal. My skype is: [I]marin.puscasu[/I]
  4. [quote name='Danielxx']what revision? and what do u offer?[/QUOTE] Rev 317 and I pay by Paypal.
  5. I need a good server ready to be put online with no dupe problems and a lot of features like minigames etc. Looking for long term collaboration with one or more [U]good mature developers[/U] (SVN/Project based if case). My skype is: [B]marin.puscasu[/B]
  6. [B]marin.puscasu[/B] is my Skype, add me and let's talk.
  7. My skype is: [B]marin.puscasu[/B] Add me, I want to make an order.
  8. I had same issue, anyway I fixed the cap letters issue by correcting the code in a few files. Even so I another error that it can't load main class so I gave up, after all this years of running RS no one had actually 2 minutes to fix the damn thing for linux.