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  1. i know that removing mysql would be a solution, but that also removes some features of the rsps. like highscores, am i correct?.......hence my reply to your mail.
  2. alright, im on my iphone, so i have to wait until i get home to my computer
  3. You can pay me now. LOL I got mine up.

  4. If I'm buying it from then, then no..and I have exams etc..
  5. I have, that doesnt work. The problem is that it says it's finished loading on a VPS. and when I run the client, it's stuck at 0% updating.. probably something with the database of mysql....still paying for help tho.
  6. The sevador 718 source is unable to use because its connected to a VPS somehow, im paying for anyone to help me take it off the VPS, so i can play it locally on my computer. skype is joshuamr17
  7. I'm buying a 718 source and client. Must have a Custom DonatorZone Must have 3 Donator Ranks, Donator, Super Donator, and Ultimate Donator Must have a Custom Home Must have Auto Donation System Must have 4 Different Exp Modes(Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme) Easy gives 5000xp per hit, and you have no chance of recieivng good loot, Medium is 2000xp per hit, Hard is 500xp per hit, Extreme is 1.2x normal rs exp gain. Extreme must give highest chance of recieving good loot.(Kind of like how soulsplit has it) There must be In-Game Donator Title, one for each donator rank, and a a Extreme in-game title for extreme accounts only. There must be automated double exp weekends. there must a custom weapon that hits twice per 1 game tick and is untradable/available for extreme accounts only The 4 different exp modes must be put in playersave.java to make it impossible for an account to switch modes, It must be impossible for accounts to switch modes. Finally, there must be plenty commands for owners to use, and admins accounts are to be unable to trade, drop items, sell to shop, or loose any items in wildy. I'm paying $30 for this source and client with all the things above(shouldnt be hard to make) my skype is joshuamr17. so message me there.
  8. I'm looking for Administrators for my new 718 RSPS. It features ALL Bosses, tons of content etc etc, you'll see if you're selected. I'd really prefer if you know a bit about coding/javascript(making more commands/adding new features to the RSPS such as duel arena). So if you're interested, just add me on skype at joshuamr17
  9. I have Windows(Xen) 512mb Ram VPS for $14 a month. I also have a Domain Name and Forums. Plus, I have a 718 Source, client and cache. The RSPS already has tons of features(Full Godwars, all working skills except Dungeoneering, all special attacks/weapons animations, many commands.) However, I'm looking for an experienced coder to implement some things into the game for me such as 4 Different exp modes, editing/creating 1-2 custom items, adding/changing prices and items in Shops, fixing all Dupes, auto donation, and etc The Coder will recieve 50% of any Money from Donations, Affiliates, and Advertisements. My Skype is joshuamr17.
  10. I have a Windows VPS(Xen), 512 MB of Ram, 2000 GB Bandwith, $14 a month. I also have a Domain Name, Forums, and a 718 Source and Client. I'm looking for a good coder who knows how to implement things into the server such as Edit item bonuses, add some(1 or 2) custom items, add more commands to Owner panel, add in 4 different exp modes( Easy, Medium, Hard, Ultra Hard), with Ultra Hard giving the least exp, but has a much higher chance of recieving good loot from bosses such as those in the GW Dungeon. And ETC . Coder gets 50% of money received from Advertisements/Affiliates and Donations. So if you're interested, message/add me on Skype at joshuamr17.
  11. [url]https://www.rspscoding.org/play/?server=Infamous%20PvP%20659%20Need%20Staff[/url]
  12. Brand NEW, 2 day old 718 RSPS, Infamous Dream is Out! Features: ALL working bosses Zamorak, Sara, Bandos, QBD, Nex, Corp, ETC Working G.E Donator Zone Donator Items only such as Primal and Spirit Shields, also WINGS Great exp rate All Special Attacks work Great Economy Great, Down to Earth Admins and Owners. No BlackScreens, ALL Dupes FIXED! We're also Looking for STAFF. This RSPS has virtually everything Runescape had to offer before the EOC update. SO JOIN TODAY! :) [url]https://www.rspscoding.org/play/?server=Infamous%20PvP%20659%20Need%20Staff[/url] Link to the site, it may say 92% [10 times tied] wait 1 minute and it'll finish loading.
  13. I have a 718 source and client. I'd be willing to make you co-owner. Pm me equinox
  14. Ok, change it to 55555? will other players be able to join tho?
  15. I have no other RSPS's using that port. Does Skype count? lol. But, when I exited Utorrent and no-ip, and then ran the Source and Client again, it worked.. so idk.