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  1. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']Cannot find the main java class to start up the server. Read the error. [url]http://www.functionx.com/java/Lesson23.htm[/url][/QUOTE] Thanks bruh i already got it up and running ;D
  2. Okay so i need help with this when ever i try open the equipment bonuses tab and try a item on it wont let me remove it or even witch it and also when ever i wear any item one of the body part of the character goes invisible. Let me know what files i should take a picture of and post for help Thanks [IMG]http://i4.minus.com/jxpiuA2HuxV95.PNG[/IMG] [IMG]http://i5.minus.com/jb1ihA2WE28jeR.PNG[/IMG] Also if someone could just link me to a thread that shows how i can add dice and flower and duel to my server let me know.
  3. [CENTER]When ever i try to run it ,i allways get this error any one have idea how i would fix this and run my server please [IMG]http://i5.minus.com/j88dHAG3dAASr.PNG[/IMG][/CENTER]
  4. Alright so i dont know just trying to run the server and im just having a small problem that i cant figer out. so i have the newest JDk downloaded but im just trying to replace ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_20/bin/javac" with my own that i would have in Program Files (x86) i looked arorund and i have no idea what i can replaces it with cause i dont have that file to make it start i only have jdk7 in my program files (x86) Also this is for my client that im trying to do and i went with this coding but its keep giving me a error "cannot find path specified [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_20/bin/javac" -cp lib/*; -d bin -sourcepath src src/client.java "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_20/bin/javac" -cp lib/*; -d bin -sourcepath src src/Loader.java [MENTION=41862]pause[/MENTION]
  5. [IMG]http://i7.minus.com/jbkKArBLqkf0P8.PNG[/IMG] This is what im getting.
  6. [quote name='Demon Scopez']Can you post the server window separately? but with the client, thats your java version, had the same problem. also, its easier to eclipse to run the server and also jar the client instead of the .bat[/QUOTE] Sorry i have no idea what you just said do you mean like this [IMG]http://i3.minus.com/jbx5RVmrdsMXrz.PNG[/IMG] [IMG]http://i2.minus.com/jbMTrcR0tXytS.PNG[/IMG]
  7. Im having hard time getting the server to run. Im not sure what im doing worng here could anyone be able to help me out with this [IMG]http://i1.minus.com/jbaxtzS4nHR53J.PNG[/IMG]
  8. can some one please help me with my problem. when i try to load the web client it stops at the white screen. i cant even download the cache to play the game it just gets stuck on a white screen. its doing for every sever i go on .plz help me im confused i do have the current version of java and i have re-installed it twice, deleted the cache tried desktop client
  9. [I][/I]If anyone played swapnsever or exemptionx its something like that safe Player vs Player and you a random drop and a tokkuls per kill, But my home is E.G and my sever is 639 ,but for some reason it wouldn't let me fight between the two e,g hands shown in the picture but everywhere eles works perfect ,how i can recode is soo there no problems too it and also i want it soo its a safe pvp ring around E.G and beside E.G bank ,thanks [IMG]http://i3.minus.com/ityFg5orRn0GE.JPG[/IMG] only want it soo you can fight out side e.g ring and till besides e.g bank Other areas work -Shown here [IMG]http://i2.minus.com/iZNJCI52MB6ax.JPG[/IMG] If anyone know what files needed ,i can open them up and show you ,thanks
  10. [quote name='Tylerr']Faggot watermark? Hmm, interesting.[/QUOTE] umm i put faggot on it ,soo it cant be used ..
  11. [quote name='Raw Envy']I need a graphics artist for my server if your interested ;)[/QUOTE] yea sure add me on skype and we can talk :)
  12. [quote name='StevenAbraham']He made it for Fuzen but Fuzen didn't want it anymore and didn't pay for it.[/QUOTE] Bro stop talking out of your ass ,i made for him as a freind ,till he scamed me ,thats why i putt faggot on it ,he wanted it soo bad too
  13. [quote name='realismpk']that's some pretty nice work bro! Could you make one for me?!?! I got skype! :3[/quote] add me on skype
  14. [quote name='Gripper']I like this one: [url]http://i4.minus.com/jbmGBxGsy5uFmT.png[/url] Mind making me one? and handing me the .psd but with blue?[/QUOTE] sure ,what do you mean by blue ? the logo? and do you have skype?