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  1. Divination One month anniversary! Events every 2 hours! Brand new RSPS just coming out of beta stages! Currently averaging 70-100+ online! -Fast progression -Custom Harry Potter robes! -Custom forging system -Working Acrade -Automatic PvP stat adjustment -Working Avengers Minigame -::mini (Fights with you, or FOR you!) -Weekly Updates -100% unseen content! -Liquidation Well (sell items for instant cash) -Great community -Welcoming staff -Not pay to win -Loyalty Skill -Tons of bosses! -Combat assisting pets -Free donor through voting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKs9VqQEy4g Website: http://Divination-rsps.com Forums: http://Divination-rsps.com/forums Discord: http://discord.gg/6gnz95N
  2. Saradomin-PS Advertisement. Saradomin-PS is a new OSRS based server, 24/7 online join our community today! Features Drop Tables Achievement Rewards Unique Bosses Amazing Vote Rewards Title Ranks Daily Updates Raids And much more. I will update this thread with more info! you can always give us suggestions on our discord or forums! Links Forums Play Discord Pictures
  3. Saradomin-PS Brand new RSPS. Custom Bosses Custom Pets Custom Items Full Raids Custom yell Daily updates 24/7 online! Join us today! Discord Forums Play Vote Store