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  1. how do I make items have right click options INSIDE of the equipment tab? [ATTACH=CONFIG]9870[/ATTACH]
  2. LynoHD

    718 max level

    I dont understand.. i have changed the addXp too 13400000 and im still able to level above 120... yes i can do ;;master to get max level but thats not the problem.. im able to train my stats too 120 MY self on ANY account.. not just via commands... im new to java and rsps so i have no idea how to fix this.. [quote name='storm powner']because the cmd sets all your skills xp to 150m, so all skills will be 99 and dung will be 120. for (int skill = 0; skill < 25; skill++) player.getSkills().addXp(skill, 150000000); its located [MENTION=71532]Command[/MENTION]s.java (content folder) you can do ;;master as admin ingame to get max lvl[/QUOTE]
  3. LynoHD

    718 max level

    umh.. how? and where? I dont see how somethin ginside commands makes me able to level all my skills to level 120 and my combat to 170
  4. LynoHD

    718 max level

    How do i set max level in combat and skills on an 718 source?
  5. ahh i see! thanks man[quote name='Keiron']You probably can't use :: anymore because you gave yourself admin, admins use the developer console and ;; if you have it added in. Players use :: so before you probably were a player.[/QUOTE]
  6. oh.. thanks! thats weird cuz i swear that :: worked yesterday.. ohwell thanks anyways man!
  7. Hey, I have recently begun coding on a private server just for fun and to learn a little bit and I am wondering why i cant use :: commands anymore I have to use the console.. [ATTACH=CONFIG]9856[/ATTACH] :: commands worked the other day.. but not anymore.. im also wondering what all that interfaceid spam means and used for appreciate any help!