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  1. Kingdom feature looks nice mate, good work.
  2. Fallout

    Caught Ya, Arix

    Why you attacking us like this cart.
  3. Looking good! Any plan for a dark forum theme? 👀
  4. By user panel do you mean you want to be able to login and upload new graphics to your portfolio directly? If so, building upon a standard CMS such as WordPress might work well for you. If not, a PHP framework such as Laravel (MVC) comes with a pre-built, secure authentication system.
  5. Great logos, good job.
  6. : - ( https://media.giphy.com/media/Moo8SpSUk6R4A/giphy.gif
  7. It's a very clean design. Honestly, I think there's just too many different colours, it's just sort of too 'bright' if you get what i'm saying. I think it might look a bit better if you kept the colours the same in each box, i.e. In the support tickets box, only use purple for the circles and in staff online only use red etc. Don't get me wrong, this design looks amazing and this might just be my personal preference. (I have no experience in designing user interfaces, I'm just stating my opinion directly as if I was a user of this system). Other people might like the colours!
  8. Fallout

    Entrix 562

    With a good theme also . Good luck with the project Entrix!
  9. Welcome back matey, forums are pretty quiet nowadays however it's cool to see people returning.
  10. You answered your own question. You left the RSPS scene due to 'life being life'. Not many people come back when they have actual responsibilities, an actual job, a family. Not many people want to spend there spare time during all this playing an RSPS. Not many people randomly think 5 years later 'Yeah you know what, I'm going to create a Runescape private server today!!'