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  1. slixr

    Donation Command Error

    It is and i still get the error?
  2. I get this error when i added the auto donation. [ATTACH=CONFIG]8894[/ATTACH]
  3. Can you add custom models? if so add me on Skype. Jecybuski
  4. I am looking for a 718 coder to help add some custom models I have. I will pay good money. Add me on skype to talk about more. Skype: jecybuski
  5. slixr

    Simple Error Help

    Here is a simple error I get. How can I fix it? [ATTACH=CONFIG]8881[/ATTACH]
  6. slixr

    Cache/Server Error

    [quote name='iKS']You already made a thread pertaining to this problem which was answered. You can't constantly expect to be spoonfed by the RSPS community, therefore you are going to need to learn to diagnose problems correctly. Now that i'm done lecturing you, I'll help you out just this once. Use the code posted in the previous thread along with the class ItemDefinitions.Java.[/QUOTE] Actually the other one is a different error. I put the wrong picture up. Thank you though.
  7. slixr

    Cache/Server Error

    When i added this new cache i get this error? What do I put and where do I put it? [ATTACH=CONFIG]8874[/ATTACH]
  8. slixr

    Client keeps crashing

    What file do i add it to?
  9. slixr

    Client keeps crashing

    My client keeps crashing because of this error? What do I need to do to fix this? [ATTACH=CONFIG]8873[/ATTACH] Updated pic. had the wrong picture.
  10. idiots. They are everywhere!