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  1. now supported by https://www.simplebot.org/ go hit that shit up and make bills
  2. this ^ 7 years have passed and feeling old af
  3. I've still got the original sauce, character files and website
  4. pm me your skype, I'm a fullstack developer
  5. Im looking for someone to do some really unique gfx work, Could preferably do with someone who has a unique style and a keen eye for detail Few things It's not rsps related I need 4 images doing Im willing to negotiate on the price, I can offer money(paypal/bitcoin), rsps gp, 07 gp, rsps sources/databases, freelance work(full stack) and various other things. not really active on here that often but drop me a pm and il reply as soon as possible
  6. Scriptss

    Compile error

    never laughed so much at a runelocus post
  7. the fuck is wrong with his eyebrows ?
  8. pretty shit server, everything is either leeched or not your own work. voting - motivoters(shit) donating - over used foxtrot store highscores - hosted on another generic site ingame isn't much better either, nothing unique or exciting