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  1. Hey, I'm looking to hire a C# developer who is capable of making automation software for websites. You need to have a decent understanding of C# and know how to incorporate things like NetSeal and other licensing programs to the software. If you're interested please message me on Skype "fingerpod" or post here. We can discuss prices depending on what projects I have you doing. Some examples of things that you'll be doing are creating bots to auto post on websites and adding proxy support and multithreading to increase speed. Thanks, Envo
  2. For fucking sakes, this has to be the biggest joke I've seen. First you had a RSPS with 20 staff members in which you recruited staff members for 3 months, now you're starting a company with a 900,000 investment. You're a troll, startups with some of the brightest people in the tech industry have trouble getting 900,000 and I doubt anyone in there right mind would give you 900,000 let alone $1. Stop making a joke out of yourself.
  3. [quote name='Clayd']I know this is a grave dig, but just letting everyone know I did join the Army, I've been in for almost 2 years now. Stationed in Fort Hood, Texas. My MOS is 11Bravo which is Infantry. Haven't been on this forum in years haha. If anyone has any questions about joining the Army just PM me.[/QUOTE] Hows the overall experience? I've been thinking about joining and am taking the ASVAB test next week. I'm currently a Junior in high school.
  4. Envo

    2nd 6 Weeks [WIP]

    Really liking this style, nice job.
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    [quote name='bobismyname']INTRODUCING: Our new awesome referral system. What better way to motivate players to refer their friends? This will give players an incentive to advertise, refer, etc. getting players on the server and growing the community. Referrals that are active and play a certain amount of time will reward the player that referred them. They can then save up their referrals for a wide variety of things like free donator if you can't afford it, advantages in the game, exclusive items, and so much more! Read the update log and talk to Evil Bob ingame for more info. Evil Bob can be found at home by the Player Owned House portal. 10/1/14 -Brand new, awesome referral system. -Referral system checks for accounts on the same IP, doesn't count matching IP's. -Awards users who reffer a player who becomes an "active player" (gains 2,500 minutes of ingame time). -System to log referrals and IPs when being initiated during account creation. -Keeping track of total referrals and referral points. -Fail safes to make sure accounts are not creditted twice by accident. -Awesome rewards shop and information system for the Referral System. -Ability to redeem FREE DONATOR, gold, items, advantages, and more with Referral Points. -You get 1 point per active referral once they gain their time amount. -Fixed some issues with voting and database connections. Thread: [url]http://elveron.org/community/index.php?/topic/298-referral-system-free-donator-yeah-man/[/url][/QUOTE] Great update, like always.
  6. I'd be down for a Teamspeak, let's see what others think!
  7. What's your favorite Eminem song? I never really listen to him but his album recovery is dope. [video=youtube;5h9_L98H84U]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h9_L98H84U[/video] What's your favorite Eminem song?
  8. [quote name='Supah Fly']The thing is, not many people find servers through something as tailored and specific as instagram or twitter. I'd say twitter is a news service for the people already playing than anything.[/QUOTE] Yea, I agree. It's still good to engage with your current players. For instance, I manage the Runelocus Facebook account. I don't expect to find many new visitors to our website, but it's a good tool to use to bring back old visitors and to engage with the current visitors.
  9. [video=youtube;VO0X_2lUB7w]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VO0X_2lUB7w[/video] 2 intense 4 me.
  10. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sq84CYX.png[/IMG] Reddit URL: [url]http://www.reddit.com/r/learnprogramming/comments/1vgc5t/is_php_and_mysql_still_worth_learning_or_should_i/[/url] Thoughts on what he said? I think it's really accurate and it amazed me how he worded it.
  11. [quote name='Vesta Main']What laptop is that? I'm thinking of getting a macbook in a few months, but with the few months I have I'm exploring my options.[/QUOTE] That was a Dell Inspiron. I now have a HP Envy
  12. Forgot to tell you guys, this laptop overheated so much that it started smoking. Apparently the fan was pushing dust farther into the computer and that's not good for it. Would not vouch for this solution. 0/10
  13. [quote name='Vesta Main']Fuck bitches donate 50k everyday travel le world obtain ancient objects help NASA with space travel/speed of light become the first man to leave the solar system buy lots a cars donate to charities help random people individually (the homeless) get some security, because if im rich as fuck someones gonna want that money dont let my family know im rich except my mom buy a mansion on one of the carribean islands and play music as loud as i want buy a regular house, act like im poor and find luv and then tell her im rich buy some new shoes, clothes, bag, hat, jewelry, rollex buy lots of food cause im gonna be hungry some gym equipment because im lazy and fuck and hate walking to the gym build a secret getaway in the event i ever get in trouble with authorities im gone neighbour buy a dog, i want a buddy i can trust explore the unknown[/QUOTE] buy a regular house, act like im poor and find luv and then tell her im rich This
  14. [quote name='Cart']To be fair a businessman can't run a game community position, though I agree they need to do bit more research on the person when hiring them.[/QUOTE] Agreed, they need to find a person that is both a business man and gamer.
  15. Basically a rich guy created a social network where you have to pay $9,000 just to join and then after that $3,000 more a year in order to stay a member. [url]http://www.vice.com/read/this-guy-is-creating-a-facebook-for-rich-people-917?utm_source=vicefbus[/url] By the way, the whole thing runs on Wordpress What do you think about this?