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  1. [quote name='ferret']this is the easiest part to creating a rsps... if you can't figure this out start with something easier. you have to have jre and jdk. once you have them both edit the run + compiler in both the source and the client. 1. in the source, edit the compiler to your jdk version, and the path of it. EG, if it's looking for program files x86 and yours is in program files delete the x86. 2. in the source compiler do the same thing. if it has multiple jdk versions change them all. 3. in the client run if it says jre 6 and you have jre 7 change it to jre 7. 4. in the client compiler change the jdk versions and path. 5. in your client, whatever one you have, go into the settings, or loader and make sure that the ip of it, is going towards[/QUOTE] Hey pm me I've go lot's of stuff to ask
  2. Alright so I've downloaded over 50 Rsps source's and client's and I can't seem to be able to log in, it always says error connecting to server or it either shows a prompt but if i type any command or instruction on the prompt it just closes so if anyone can help me create a Rsps doesn't matter which server just any Rsps please pm on runelocues or add me on Skype Hunter.jake :) Or comment what your skype name Please & thank you.