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  1. he did a while ago. but now the server is up and the client has a password to it. also i cant find the kingjscape cache anywhere
  2. it use to be my favorite server to run but ever since i restored my comp the files seem to be unobtainable
  3. hey 2k12rsps can you msg me im trying to get better with rsps and no one responds to me on help forums. im willing to pay irl money or rs gld.
  4. kkarilem

    Xplur EoC

    Was Sir toms client ever released?
  5. Can somebody give me step by step instructions on how to launch axters project xplur eoc client?
  6. kkarilem

    Xplur EoC

    Jeez Is it really my fault to want to learn how to do this? Not everybody was born and magically knew how to ran servers. I am just trying i would really appreciate it if someone took the time out of there day to help me. If it is such an easy task then i guess its not too much to ask for.
  7. kkarilem

    Xplur EoC

    Where is toms client and how do i run it lol. i got eclipse and if someone is willing to teach i will pay :P