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  1. Yeah that's what I figured, I just was unsure. Thanks for reminding me about the port scan tool. I realized after running the scan, that it was my PC's firewall blocking the ports internally, because I knew I had port forwarded correctly on the router's side. This server isn't as complete as I was expecting it to be. How much programming would it take to make this thing run like it should? Also, are there any more complete servers that someone wouldn't mind sharing with me?
  2. Hi there. Many thanks to @FUZENSETH for working on this and @Sylvanas for the upload. I am trying to use the initial splash screen to create a user using the create account now button. I am having a problem with the email field being verified when trying to create the user. It says "error contacting server". I have changed the IP in the run.bat on the client side to reflect my current machines IP and have also port forwarded the assigned port to my current machines IP as well. I am currently trying to run the client from the same machine the server is running on. Should I change the IP to localhost or keep the machines IP. Also is there a field that needs changing on the server side? Sorry for what may seem like a trivial question but I haven't hosted a server in years and I am not a programmer or developer, just a computer enthusiast. I am not trying to monetize this server, just host it for a few friends.
  3. [quote name='Raw Envy']Why would you post this in the help section? You payed me for what I did before and as I said talk to me on Skype and I will be happy to help.. [MENTION=1]Ikiliki[/MENTION] please add the facepalm smiley it's really needed sometimes lol.[/QUOTE] I just wanted to make sure I got your attention, that's why I posted here. I have been pm'ing you for a few weeks. I was paying you for what you had helped me with, but I was also paying you as incentive to help me with this other problem I have. I probably would have only given you $5 or $10 dollars If I didn't want any more help after they first time. Anyways thanks for getting back with me. What is a good time to contact you?
  4. I paid you $20 dollars 1 month ago. Do you still plan on helping me?
  5. Yo Raw Envy, Did you forget that I paid you $20 dollars. If you are still planning on helping me out then let me know, I have been pm'ing you. If you do not plan on helping me at least just let me know so I can stop wasting my time trying to get up with you.
  6. Alcohol is far worse than marijuana yet the government allows it. The only reason marijuana is illegal is because the feds know they will not be able to control it like they want to IMHO.
  7. [quote name='Fuzen Seth']You can allow ports from windows firewall.[/QUOTE] This comment should be a sticky in the RSPS help section. I mean why have I never heard this before. I have a 2 wire router/modem and I think going through windows would be easier than using the crappy 2wire router software.
  8. Thanks you guys. Yeah I just went and got a pc that I'm going to have on 24/7, will be setting up tomorrow. Hopefully I can get the server up and running and online by myself, I have no problems local. For some reason my 2wire modem/ router is not wanting to cooperate with the port-forwarding. I even put it in dmz mode, which means all the ports were supposedly open, which 43594 is still saying connection refused. So if anyone has any thoughts on that... Also, How do I make it so people can go to a website and play from there, because right now I have to open my client every time from eclipse.
  9. [quote name='Danielxx']you dont need a vps you can run of your pc.. which i wouldnt really recommend i prefer to use a vps, feels safer and comftable with it, the no ip is handy to have you dont necessary need the no ip on your vps you can just use your server ip, but with the vps they give you a Ip Adress and you wil use that for your server and the no ip is helpfull in that situation but isn't needed if you dont want it. a thing with hosting is that it needs to be constantly running.. so if you turn of your other computer your server is going offline to, with what i no of windows vps you control it by Remote Desktop so if you close it or turn of computer it still runs which is excellent :) hope this helps[/QUOTE] Thanks man, yeah that definitely helps. Not sure if I could have asked for a better answer.
  10. Does no-ip take place of a VPS or do you just enter your vps's info when setting up no-ip. Also Do I even need to have a vps? Can I just use no-ip and start hosting right away off my pc? Also, if I have a spare pc lying around can I install windows server 08 or RHEL on there and just use that as a VPS. And if I did this would I still need to open the server on my existing pc like I do currently to play locally, or would i open it on the server pc. Thank you.
  11. Raw envy just helped me out over teamviewer. He's definitely legit.
  12. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?34729-The-Basics-of-Java&highlight=free+client[/url]
  13. You should download notepad++, but if you don't just go to the format tab at the top of notepad and select word wrap. And yeah my character rights are always near the top of the file, which is found in the server/data/characters files.
  14. anyone kow how to do ip's on project exile?
  15. This looks awesome. Where can I find a server and client to host this?