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  1. All of them look great, and I can't decide on one :P. #1 looks neat with c4d and stuff #2 looks cool as well #3 tag/render they used was cool although its a simple smudge with a few overlay, however it does look pretty cool #4 looks neat as well. that's just my take. gl everyone.
  2. Come on everyone, show us what you're made of!
  3. Thanks everyone! [MENTION=3362]Steven[/MENTION], Yeah I had to stretch some of them to fit the dimensions. But I tried to do it in a way where it wasn't THAT noticeable. :p
  4. [quote name='Ziek`']Just make sure to send a screenshot of your layers with your entry.[/QUOTE] Will do lol :p.
  5. It's not bad bro, keep up the work and you'll get there! :P
  6. [quote name='Julesmk']Looks pretty good, it looks clean and professional :) good job![/QUOTE] Thanks! Means a lot!
  7. It's not great but it gets the job done. Criticism is appreciated. I made this for free for a server I think will be very popular soon for free. [URL=xiduth.net][IMG]http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh41/lilmojo1/XiduthReborn_zps7617eb8d.gif[/IMG][/URL] (A lot of people are willing to pay for .psd lol)
  8. Maybe this time I will be able to enter :D!
  9. [quote name='Cart']They'll be another SOTW so dw :D[/QUOTE] Yeah ik, I'm just bummed that happened. :D
  10. Sad story: Forgot to pm him the layers and I got off my computer for a bit. Came back on and was disqualified. Sooo yeah. [URL=http://s253.photobucket.com/user/lilmojo1/media/Untitled-3_zpsd2169fb7.png.html][IMG]http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh41/lilmojo1/Untitled-3_zpsd2169fb7.png[/IMG][/URL] Plees thanc if u cri evry tiem :(
  11. so since i can't join can i post my work on show off section :(

  12. awww man, It took me some time to do mine, and I didn't check my pms. Oh well, theres always next time :(.