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  1. 15% commision and the coder does everything... good luck finding one
  2. This guy steals sources, and work of people.. Don't work with him!
  3. I'am really looking for a partner, i can code my self... host.. but i can't do this alone! i need someone to do stuff with me. add my skype (ironx.)
  4. Anyone want an hoster? i can get an VPS for us :) i need an good partner My skype is Bahraini.net
  5. I have an VPS and website too.. I need a web developer ( knows a little bit of graphics also ) to work with me, he'll get some of the donations also. Add my skype (ironx.)
  6. I'll be very happy if you can give me this theme, :)
  7. I can code 317 / 667 / 700+ My skype is (Ironx.)