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  1. I would like to see this kind of server :), cant wait to see the progress you're making.
  2. IndigosPS is currently looking to expend their staff team! IndigosPS(former IndraScape) used to be big in 2012, now we are looking to get it back up again. We have alot of beta-testers but we are still looking for some staff members. You will get payed, the amount will depend on your role. We are currenty looking for: -Webmasters -Graphic Artists -Java Developers (Junior and Senior) -Designers -Filmmakers -Outsourcing -Planners If you think you can fulfill any of these roles message me on runelocus.
  3. Eeew.. Zentih, hope u fixed the GE otherwise GF economy
  4. [quote name='hkrocks1']I would love to help you code your new server. I do not know a lot about RSPS coding but I do have a lot of experience in Java programming. So I think we could work something out. I could definitely work for 1-3 hours per day. Let me know if you want me to join. If you can't contact me somehow, Email me at [email][email protected][/email][/QUOTE] Do you have skype? :)
  5. We are in need of some Content Developers (coding) for our 2006Remake, our current source is RuneSource. Demands - Must be able to code 1-2 hours per day. - Must be loyal - Must be active - Listen to instructions - Get duty's done on a good time-scale. - Must have very good knowledge in Java - Can work on time-limits We will be looking for around 1-3 developers. If you feel like you would be happy to take a position please contact us via Skype. Skype - Mszayzo
  6. Thank you bro! Do u keep updating it? Edit: How do i run the source..
  7. How do i make myself admin?
  8. Gonny try it right now :) Edit: Ingame: Jill
  9. Looks realy bad, expect this kind of servers 3years ago.
  10. [quote name='adman189']Great server friendly staff so far one of the best servers i've been on that is just starting up, I highy recommend checking it out and they are looking for staff![/QUOTE] Lol overhyped reaction, fake account....