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  1. Hi guys, I realize that so many people have asked this question but I have been sitting here trying so hard to find a guide or website or even a post that can help me out. Before you say "use the search button", I have. I have tried Google, multiple rsps-server sites, searching, going through posts, I even asked the nerds on my skype friends' list :(.. everything that I am capable of doing.. and I am not having any luck. I'm not asking you to spoonfeed me anything, I'm just looking for a tip or tutorial or ANYTHING that can help me with this issue. My server right now has everything down from being able to access the character creation command to being able to pick anything that's in there. However, when you choose something and click accept, it'll save and everything. Well, since I'm really a co-owner, I asked the owner himself to tell me if he see's any changes whatsoever, and having my luck, the answer is no. The other issue is that after changing, you can equip anything and it reverts back to default. Do any of you have any idea as to why nobody else can see the changes being made/why it won't "technically" save? If any of you have any answers, just please post.