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  1. If I can find it on my old computer files I will re-upload but no promises. Posted this 5 years ago crazy how people still bother with it lol.
  2. You might as well give up with this it's so old and outdated, lol.
  3. [quote name='scorpion832']Thanks for your comments, they've been reviewed by GodSend HQ. ~GodSend HQ P.O : 34887 Villas San Francisco, CA. 2014 GodSend® Ltd. All rights reserved.<div style="text-align: center">Link Checker by <a href="http://go.phpkd.net/en/product/vblvb/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">PHPKD - vB Link Verifier Bot</a>.</div>[/QUOTE] You think because you say "All rights reserved" it actually means something? You obviously don't have any copyright to something already owned by someone else. Stupid child. Learn a thing or two about copyrights: [url]www.copyright.gov/help/faq/index.html[/url]
  4. [quote name='Christopher`']I kept on reading 'Chronicscape' as 'Christopher' and was like "I never said that?" Hi, Drowning. Pretty sure I out-rank just about everyone here on how long I've been here* :-) [SIZE=1]*Excluding Dug, Chad, and some other people I forgot about[/SIZE][/QUOTE] If you look at the join date it's no different and back on the original first website I was one of the first 10 registered on the site, not like it really matters anyway I remember way back BEFORE RuneLocus when Ikiliki was only a moderator on mopar he messaged me telling me to join his website and I haven't returned to that shit site since. I don't bother with this private server shit anymore I haven't in maybe 3 years or so I come on here rarely just to peek at what everyone says and does around here when I'm bored at 3AM while doing my homework on my nights off from work.
  5. This thread is nothing but a big LAWL. Good luck with this illegal fail and $900k? Where do you and your buddies come up with that kind of money and why in the world invest into something illegal where Jagex can take it? Also your opening statement seems like you supposedly well known around here but I've never heard of you but thats just me considering I don't come around much anymore and none of you probably know who I AM unless you were around 3-5+ years ago. Kids on this forum are ridiculously stupid.
  6. I just recently got a new laptop so I have to dig it out of my older shitty slow laptop, hopefully I can find it.
  7. VPS Dime TOS states: "Torrents, TOR, Mining, IRC, Teamspeak, Minecraft, Starbound, Runescape and Chobots are not allowed. To ensure the best performance for all of our customers, we use the following policies: [LIST] [*] Your VPS should not have a load of 4 for more than one hour, or your VPS will get restarted. [*] Your VPS should not have a load of 2 for more than two hours, or your VPS will get restarted. [*] Your VPS is configured to send a maximum of 50 emails per hour. If you have justification, please open a ticket and we'll raise this limit for you." [/LIST]
  8. Do you still have Drowning 508? edit: nevermind lol.

  9. New download link: [url]http://uppit.com/i5tbm0itdtrs/Drowning508.zip[/url]
  10. [quote name='Ultima']For some reason uppit does not work if possible if you can if you wouldnt mind can you put it up somewhere else like mediafire would really like to use this bad ass source to rework on. Good shit drowning.[/QUOTE] Gladly I'll repost when I get a chance.
  11. Here's a more recent download for people still interested: [url]http://uppit.com/ixkhx4q0d4wh/Drowning508.zip[/url]
  12. [quote name='Sir seppe']Refresh your links this one is broken![/QUOTE] [url]http://uppit.com/yh7nhdmd3mi4/Drowning508.zip[/url]