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  1. Kuhgar

    Global Objects in PI

    Hey, Im trying to add global objects to my PI server. So I went into ObjectManager.java and found: public void loadCustomSpawns(Client client) So I added my object in under there (in this case a bank booth). I added it as: client.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(2213, 3093, 3493, 2, 10); After I saved, compiled and restarted my object was nowhere to be seen. There is also a lack of results when I try to edit the location of preexisting objects. Any help on the topic would be great, thanks! :)
  2. Kuhgar


    [quote name='Cart']Usually, for whatever reason, some who release sources do not want the 'beginners'(noobs/leechers) using it. So they'll include something you'll have to modify/remove/add to make it function correctly. There are other types of anti-leeches, ranging from code that makes the player XXX(XXX as in name) an administrator.[/QUOTE] Great, thanks for the clarification! :)
  3. Kuhgar


    [quote name='Cart']Things that makes the source not function correctly unless it's fixed by the user who downloaded it. For example, say I release a 718 source. A common anti-leech would be to delete needed files to run the source, and have people fix the 'anti-leech'.[/QUOTE] What's the point of releasing it if it doesn't run?
  4. Kuhgar


    What exactly is anti-leech because I see some downloads brag about having no anti-leech.
  5. Hey, I'm trying to make my first server using Project Insanity. I got it running fine on my localhost however when I try to edit things such as spawn points or starter items there is no change in game. I change the necessary .java files, save them and then recompile but when I go into my server everything is still default. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! Please help, thanks.