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  1. Without a doubt, I think people now, or if not will, get sick of these new revisions. People are more or less begging JaGex to bring back EP pking days, 2009-2011 etc, in which I think 508/525 servers were based around 2009 late 2010? Maybe wrong but either way, servers like that are what some people are wanting!
  2. [quote name='Stacx']I agree, I spent like 2 years+ deving a 525. The thing is though that they were extremely popular back in the day... nearly all the top servers were 508/525. I have no idea why they died out, I still love 525.[/QUOTE] I wish there were more, that are actually genuine 508/525 servers (with all the items that the revision is actually based on), unlike some now with chaotic's and nex. Oh well, guess times have changed!
  3. [quote name='Stacx']What the hell is a 508/512 server? ... Judging by the video, that server is either a 525 or a 508 server with 525 cache. (because of pvp items)[/QUOTE] I'm sorry, my knowledge doesn't stretch far with private servers. However, if you're right and it is a 525 server, or even a 508 server with a 525 cache, why have these type of servers died out? Yes, I understand that it is a really old version of Runescape, however they're still a good revision. Servers on the top list literally hardly have any difference between them apart from eco/non eco.
  4. For example, a revision like this - no eco/modded items like dungeoneering. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rc3Mrf6Fhk[/url]
  5. When I first got into playing private servers, I played a server called doodooscape, which was a 508/512 server. Personally I think that all the new revisions are terrible, yes, maybe they're coded better, but for PKing I think they suck. Can anyone tell me why there are barely ANY 508/512 servers, and if there is which is the most active server online that is striving in popularity? Thanksssssss