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  1. hey I need a really good active co owner online most time 4-8 hours a day he can help me set up things up I am a coder but not like really good I can code webclient highscores uhmm shops home teleports add remove object yell add ranks all these stuff I want a guy knows every thing about coding like adding costom items. you will be co-owner with me! add me in Skype or facebook (Skype) (search for) ( owner.fear) from Canada with blue dragon picture (facebook) (search for ) (xfear scapex) with rsps skilling tab picture thanks!!!
  2. please help skype me (mohammed_moe6) it should say (fear)
  3. guys i really need help skype me at (mohammed_moe123) it willl be saying (fear) thats me im really good 317 coder but when i try load the client it say error download the files game... so can u help me?