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  1. [quote name='Daedalus']It depends, if your running it from website and the database is ran locally on the website then no, you shouldn't need to open port 3306 however if the database is on your server then you would need to allow access from any IP via % wildcard. Probably might have a few things wrong there, but eh half asleep :L But you will most likely need port 3306 open, though Id recommend running the database from the server, because if your running your database from your website and your hosters may or may not allow port 3306 open, specially if your using cPanel[/QUOTE] Could you help me please add me on skype: syclonepk
  2. Should port 3306 be open for working GTLvote? Inbound or outbound? Thanks for response.
  3. I heard something about a 'vps' and said that it makes the RSPS server online. And youre computer hasn't to be online to use it. But the server is online and people could play, and the price is 30 usd for 1 month. Or what is it? Thanks for youre response.
  4. [quote name='Arix']In your remote hosts allowance, add the address "%" so it allows any host to connect. If it doesn't work I will teamviewer you, you keep having problems with this... poor guy.[/QUOTE] Add me on skype: syclonepk
  5. So i spoke to a helper on the chat and he said that to open ports they use, Inbound traffic (vps only), outbound traffic (webhosting and vps), and both (vps only). So what one of inbound, outbound or both do i need to use to have GTLvote working? If i purchase webhosting im gonna only be able to use outbound traffic. Only outbound traffic for the website port 3306. Is that enough to let GTLvote work and to be MySQL (3306) be open? Thanks for youre response. Very appriciated.
  6. Hey, so to have a working GTLvote system a domain should have open ports such as 3306 for MySQL. Does hostgator allows it? Thanks for youre response.
  7. website MySQL database no. What does this means? [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] Im not using vps.
  8. Hi, so you need to open port 3306 on youre site, and i asked it, through a ticket i got this answer back: [I]Hello, I'm afraid its not possible, as part of a security feature, we had closed port 3306 on our firewall. We can only allow IP address that needs access to remote MySQL.[/I] So can my website use gtlvote? Thanks for youre response.
  9. I installed my gtlvote page on my site it worked for 1 day, next day whatever i tryd, it didn't work and 4 people coudn't help me with it. Hawkhost allows remote mysql, right? Because im getting this freaking jdbc communication link failure error. I don't know if its a error in the server or at the webhost. Everything is correctly filled in server, and my ip is added in remote mysql, and disabled firewall, and portforwarded MySQL to 3306 with Xampp. Please add me on skype: shershah fedrik or (if coudn't be finded) syclonepk There will be given a fee on paypal if voting works succesfull on the server. Thanks for helping, and response.
  10. I added my ip to remote mysql, now i got another JDBC communication link failure error.
  11. Hi, im trying to port forward to my MySQL with Xampp, but canyouseeme.org says: No route to host Here is proof i port forwarded to port 3306: [IMG]http://i.gyazo.com/0fc4974be3e97c8dab17e4e416498981.png[/IMG] [URL="http://i.gyazo.com/0fc4974be3e97c8dab17e4e416498981.png"]http://i.gyazo.com/0fc4974be3e97c8dab17e4e416498981.png[/URL] (click here for bigger picture) And my firewall allows port 3306 and is on minimum security. Anyone knows how to port forward correctly to port 3306 without this error? Or add me on skype: Syclonepk - shershah fedrik Thanks for youre answer, very appriciated.