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  1. someone please skype me^^
  2. BUMP! Hes not online - skype [email protected] richardsonsj1
  3. Hi, Just trying to setup a server, which I have the source to... but I can't login (and neither can friends). Teamviewer help, or I can skype share screen and you can tell me what to do, would be great! Thanks, would be very much appreciated. -if all works out well, i may compensate you for your time :) email me at: [email][email protected][/email]
  4. sjay1


    was lookin for this aswell, were they any good?
  5. sjay1

    My "set up"

    In between laptops ATM, bout2get 15" retina quad core i7 MBP! (haswell) - when its released...