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  1. Anim? Why would it be a problem with the anim? It attacks and damages the other player.
  2. It's also between a player and npc. Here is my CombatAssistant.java. [url]http://pastebin.com/XRLqwC88[/url]
  3. The problem I'm having is whenever I have an object between two players and the distance between them is only separated by that object, and once one of these players attack the other..that player attacks through that object. The image below shows what I mean: [IMG]http://s7.postimg.org/ciji5jknv/Untitled.png[/IMG] A clipping system is already implemented on my server. It is using some sort of collision map system for clipping. Source is PI (Rune-Legacy). I'm just wondering how I can make it so that it checks if there is an object between both players before letting a player attack. Also, another problem is that there are places such as GWD Dungeon in which clipping doesn't work. I'm guessing the collisionmap file loads objects for 317 rev and the following method is done so that a player or an npc cannot walk through these objects? Is there a way where I could add objects to the new collisionmap? I may be wrong on how the clipping system works, but it seems to work as I described. How could I go on about fixing these two problems?
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    Collision map

    Ey! I'm using a source that's using collision map for clipping. I was wondering if I add a custom place such as Godwars on 317..How could I add that to the collision map? Because clipping in GWD doesn't work. P.S, Source is Rune-Legacy(PI)