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  1. Joined the server, played until i had like 600 total level, Asked how I could make some money because you only start with 100k gold and that is kind of a joke for a private server that starts u with bronze equipment. About 3 plays replied back and called me trash without any reason. Wouldn't recommend playing, if you care about the community of a server. Heres a picture https://prnt.sc/qntwkb
  2. hello, I'm a computer science student learning java at the moment and would like to know if anyone wants to help me out with some coding. I usually stay with 718 because I find it better and more challenging. If anyone wants to help me out starting something let me know, most likely using the valkyr source. Message me on here and I will give you my Discord name I do not use skype.
  3. elysian str

    Coder Needed.

    Im also trying to start coding and would love if someone could guide me, currently majoring in computer science and have about 6months of java programing experience just not familiar with runescapes java files and how everything works. I got discord: Kyoka_Suigetsu#2277
  4. i only post on things that are pathetic
  5. if you are going to steal NoblePk's server picture, atleast give them credit. fucking pathetic
  6. economy is broken, everyone is rude in server. Staff don't help players with any questions, everyone ignores everyone except when they need something. Xp rates don't matter in game, takes 1hours to max in any game mode Everyone afks to get drops and it spams global chat.
  7. server isn't good, 20x xp rates on a private server, cache takes 50mins load..