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  1. [quote name='PrimacidyRSPS']Good product but when it came time to buy, not very impressed. I offered to pay Paypal and got a reply that he would rather take Runescape 2007 GP. After agreeing on 5m Rsgp for the VPN Package 3, I had around 2.9m in cash and the rest in items. The item's weren't amazing but the overall wealth was over 5m. Since the items weren't to his "expectancy" he decided to make fun of my offer. The deal was then cancelled and I happily found another provider. He then said "You really think I need the sale?" making note that he doesn't need my business. If he doesn't need my business, he obviously doesn't need anyone elses. I advise you to stay away. If you wan't customer service, I do not recommend HardCloud.[/QUOTE] Hello PrimacidyRSPS, I stated that I would be able to offer a special discount to you since you're a RuneLocus member paying with 07GP. This discount was for VPS 3 (including Windows) found here; [url]http://www.hardcloud.net/windows-vps.html[/url] for $15.00 instead of $16.95. We mutually agreed that OSGP (Old School GP) would be $3.00 per Mill. As of agreeing to this we also agreed to 5M (5M x $3.00 = $15.00). I was currently on my iPhone as I was away from my residential computer (as I stated via a Skype message) and I requested a screenshot of what he did have in items (apparently). I accepted the download on my iPhone and only received one photo. Please see the following image is this is all I received via Skype on my iPhone; [ATTACH=CONFIG]9639[/ATTACH] After making it quite obvious to the client I did not want his "junk" (as this is all I saw via my iPhone), I no longer wanted to waste anymore time trying to accept OSGP. Once I came home I scrolled up through our Skype messages and I've actually seen 3 photo's were sent; [ATTACH=CONFIG]9640[/ATTACH] I do not know what these other 2 pictures are of what he has in items as I can no longer accept these because he has removed me from his contacts via Skype. But in conclusion I'd like to truly apologise to this client "PrimacidyRSPS" as this was a misunderstanding as I only saw one photo of your offer for VPS 3 ($15.00). If you'd like to re-add me via Skype and resend those last 2 photo's we can certainly re-consider this deal. Please also note I will offer some kind of compensation for our misunderstanding and I hope you do end up choosing HardCloud. Kind Regards, HardCloud
  2. Bump I have also replied to your PM. Please add my skype: phybics
  3. [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Add my skype "phybics" if you'd like to pay with OSGP/07GP![/COLOR][/SIZE] I will offer a cheaper price to RuneLocus members. I am currently selling VPS's that specialize in gaming. Ram is premium DDR3 ram to get the most out of your rsps and 3.4Ghz Dual CPU's. [b]Vouches[/b] [quote name='D R E W']Huge Vouch for Hardcloud and his team for their quick and easy service. Fast VPS and they really care about their customers[/QUOTE] [quote name='Iyouneed']Amazing VPS Hoster! I lived chated with one of the adminstraters and give me a lot of information![/QUOTE] [quote name='Ranger']I just got my Forum made with a lot of customization. Looks great thanks![/QUOTE] [quote name='godswords']Vouch, killer speeds and hosting, using for my rsps![/QUOTE] [quote name='Doomah99']Awesome looks pretty good might use you in the future[/QUOTE] [quote name='Paradox68']Just received my 1GB ram was a very fast setup very happy with my speeds [img]http://www.speedtest.net/result/2589417932.png[/img][/QUOTE] [quote name='kylecre']I vouch for HardCloud! Great service! Just bought a Domain for cheap, a Webhost for cheap, AND a VPS for cheap! You guys should seriously consider this! :)[/QUOTE] [quote name='Subie']Just Purchased 2Gb ram it's amazing, i'd never go back to a different host. They worked around my budget and worked out a great deal for me! I'd recommend HardCloud to anyone looking for reliable hosting![/QUOTE] [quote name='Cold mist2']I am vouching for this Service. It's great service![/QUOTE] [quote name='Ranger']Bump. Join today. Good services, cheap and trustful! I now pay for hosting, domain, and SEO services![/QUOTE] [quote name='Scotticus']Vouch, Just bought the top tier webhosting package Instant email with all the info I needed[/QUOTE] Speedtest from 768MB Ram: [img]http://www.speedtest.net/result/2979378522.png[/img] Please contact me on my livechat or on skype. I can offer: [list] [*]IPB Forums [*]Coding [*]VPS [*]Dedicated Servers [*]Webhosting [/list] Skype name: [COLOR="#D70606"]phybics[/COLOR] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Ppf70lY.png[/img] [URL="http://hardcloud.net"]Home Page[/URL] [URL="http://hardcloud.net/hosting.html"]Web Hosting[/URL] [URL="http://hardcloud.net/linux-vps.html"]Linux Virtual Private Servers[/URL] [URL="http://hardcloud.net/windows-vps.html"]Windows Virtual Private Servers[/URL] [img]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=8251[/img] [b]Intro[/b] [b]Auto Deployment[/b] All of HardCloud's products are all Instant Deployment, so if you're in need of getting that awesome Runescape Private Server up and running within 55 seconds, you've came too the right place. [b]What we specalise in:[/b] HardCloud is a company that concentrates on you. You, Our customers, is what we work hard to keep happy, not just happy, but satisfied. HardCloud is as you know a Hosting company, we specialise in Virtual Private Servers, but we also provide Dedicated Servers, Webhosting and Domains. HardCloud buys top of the range Dedicated Servers to provide the most satisfying Virtual Private Servers on the market. [b]A bit about us:[/b] HardCloud and our staff, are very experienced in what we do. Hardcloud the company is new to this market, but the staff are very knowledgable. HardCloud staff have been working in the Hosting workforce for over 10 years, we know what we're doing! [b]Our products:[/b] Like i mentioned before, all of our products are topnotch servers. HardClouds Virtual Private Servers are all KVM virtualizations which means that all our Servers support Linux and Windows. Unlike OpenVZ. KVM Dedicates Resources to your Virtual Private Server, which makes all our Hardware Dedicated! To learn more about us please visit our [url=http://hardcloud.net/about.html]About us page.[/url]
  4. [quote name='Vexia']help me wit serbur i compile and sumtin called -xlint happens. add me skype newcoderz420[/QUOTE] That is nothing ^ OT: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?91530-RSPS-Partnership-I-provide-everything!-You-get-50-[/url]!
  5. [quote name='Night Night']I'm interested in why you consider easy money making important? Is it because you quit Runescape and joined rsps to get things easier?[/QUOTE] Runescape made you quit. Look at it. It just makes me laugh. What other decision do you have if you can't play the game itself but you enjoy the old Runescape a year ago.