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  1. Im requesting to buy a source and client that has already been released but its the links have been go down.. so im buying exilium v2 Here The Site to look for info ::[URL="http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs2-server/downloads/476343-exiliumv2-final-release-all-skills-pos-points-shops-titles-20-bosses.html"] --Exilium v2 --[/URL] or u can please suggest me some source client and cache for my base and should have some contents
  2. jaide

    looking for coder/help

    [quote name='Horror']looking for some one to help me code i want to get back into the rsps business[/QUOTE] benefits will i get if i code for you?
  3. jaide


    i really need help connecting to my no -ip.org okayy here its the probleme When i put the ip to connect to or its connect but when i put the ip as my no -ip - runestorm.no-ip.org its not gonna connect whyy ? please help mee post your skype please i will be paying 2$
  4. jaide

    need help 634 items

    [SIZE=4][COLOR="#00FFFF"]i really need help them to be added on my server cause i'm using deathlypvpz v4 and i know its not good but i want to increase knowledge all .. so all i need to be helped its i need the 634 items pack to my server and cache thanks very much [COLOR="#00FFFF"]skype : helprsps[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR] [quote name='Amanda Todd'][CENTER]Everybody is requesting reuploads of this so here we go.. also contains black map fix. Alot of requests for this [URL="http://www.****************/runescape-development/rs2-client/snippets/286837-634-items-cache-packable-82.html"]Here[/URL] Cache Pack [URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?299t3iih3njdf61"]Obj.dat & Obj.idx[/URL] 634 Item Models [URL="http://uppit.com/r9a13f93mtvo/633ItemModels.zip"]Item Models[/URL] Item Def [URL="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15096048/itemdef.java.txt"]Itemdef.java[/URL] Model.java [URL="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/15096048/model.java.txt"]Model.java[/URL] Stream [CODE] final int v(int i) { currentOffset += 3; return (0xff & buffer[currentOffset - 3] << 16) + (0xff & buffer[currentOffset - 2] << 8) + (0xff & buffer[currentOffset - 1]); } [/CODE] [SPOILER="Bug Fixes"] [CODE] Add Into forID if (itemDef.editedModelColor != null) { for (int i2 = 0; i2 < itemDef.editedModelColor.length; i2++) { if (itemDef.newModelColor[i2] == 0) { itemDef.newModelColor[i2] = 1; } } } [/CODE] That fixes any models with a recolor of "0" Fixing Missing Black on Items [CODE] if (itemDef.ID == i && itemDef.editedModelColor == null) { itemDef.editedModelColor = new int [1]; itemDef.newModelColor = new int [1]; itemDef.editedModelColor[0] = 0; itemDef.newModelColor[0] = 1; } [/CODE] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=BlackMaps] [CODE] Model.java Replace if (anIntArray1640 != null) With if (anIntArray1640 != null && anIntArray1639 != null) [/CODE] [/SPOILER] Happy New Year and Enjoy :D P.S- Includes The Christmas event Items (IE: 634 >_>) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/f3YCv.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/NogKe.png[/IMG] Credits to K4rn4ge & Me for reuploading & Whoever else.[/CENTER][/QUOTE]
  5. jaide

    flower game

    [B]okay so i just added a flower game with a tutorial and when i did all exactly same thing code and when i compile its give me no errors but when i go try at the game its work but people cant see my flower planting its only me why?[/B]
  6. bumpp!! ready to do all services for cheap price today!
  7. jaide

    Interface Services!

    bumpp!! ready to do all services for cheap price today!
  8. i will host any rsps on my computer (it runs great hosted on it be4, its up 24/7 with maybe 30min-1hour down time at max) add me on skype: helprsps
  9. Application form: Username: Which service do you want: Additional Information: PayPal: MSN: Skype: Timezone: What I'm going to add on your server: 1 : Buy Maax cape Or Completionist cape [ATTACH=CONFIG]10040[/ATTACH] 2: Shop Interface [ATTACH=CONFIG]10041[/ATTACH] [B][COLOR="#00FFFF"]This is the layout, just copy and paste this and fill it out. Leave it in the comments and I will contact you within 10 minutes.[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR="#0000FF"]Extra Service Aside from interfaces I am also doing some other services. Here is a list of what I am doing below. PortForward Router - $1.00 Jarring/Signing - $1.00 Splash Screen - .50 - The splash only includes the code. If you want the graphic it will be $1.25. Programming - Depends on what you need done. Banners/Logos - .75 This is just some stuff off to the side I can also do. If there is something you need done that might not even be listed just contact me.[/COLOR]
  10. jaide

    custom items

    how i can make a same weapon as chaotic rapier like i want to make another chaotic rapier ?? i want to make 2 of same of chaotic rapier how i can do that? please help skype: helprsps
  11. Hey Guys, I am looking for someone that can code with me a server. I pick up things very quickly and am very keen to learn from someone who knows what they are doing. I am 18, not some little kid who will disrespect you and not listen. I am willing to pay for this service as i know experienced coders are hard to come by. Please list if you would like to join me on this and how much you would like to be paid. Serious offers only. Thanks. application form: -Why u will be co-owner on my server? -How long have u been coding? -What u can code? -are u good staff to help people? -Skype Id?
  12. jaide

    lost realm

    [quote name='Danielxx']Jake doesnt want his lost realm source released.[/QUOTE] i know that but i just need the cache that all please and will give rep!
  13. [quote name='ZenomHunter']Hey I'm having trouble in getting my server online, I have changed the IP address in client, I'm running my internet trough cable so portforwarding should be a need, also enabled my firewall to allow incomming ports on 43594, but still getting error connecting to server. The person that can help me, please leave your skype and ill add you.[/QUOTE] add my skype : helprsps
  14. jaide

    cache probleme

    can someone post the lost realm cache?? pleasee will give rep and thanks
  15. jaide

    lost realm

    someone can post the link for lost realm please thanks ! or just reupload and give me the links will give rep and thanks