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  1. Hey everyone pim here bringing you guys our latest and greatest server FantasyxLife!! We have all bosses,Npc's,Shops, excellent coding, ect...... Come join us at : [URL="pimfantasyxlife.webs.com"]pimfantasyxlife.webs.com[/URL] Check out this video !! [video=youtube;slGUcTCnMpU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slGUcTCnMpU[/video] If you have any question in the game ask pim, he will be happy to help you. Sincerely, Pim
  2. Mod pim

    Black screened

    What do I do if I am Black screened?
  3. Mod pim

    Water vs Fire

    Water vs Fire which one would win :)
  4. I have been stuck on this quest on rs hor a while and I cant get out of the dungeon can someone help?
  5. Mod pim


    Why have the leaderboards changed if I have got a message saying they change every 2 hours