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  1. Why us? Why RelicPS? Primarily, project RelicPS is unique, it's not just rsps with no customs, it's a new game based on osrs client with some of rsps. Server was developed to give players as much fun as possible. This server includes gameplay for solo players, parties and clans. We are developing new game mechanics, unique gameplay. We also reworked all necessary designs and functions. Another reason to play at our server, comfortable game atmosphere, alot of bosses, active Pk, lots of minigames, events and more ! Join our RS world to feel the statisfaction of discovering something new while playing something nostalgic and familiar at the same time. It's not just a game, it's an infection ! FEATURES Bosses King Black Dragon GWD boss (need minimum work, but working fine) Kalphite Queen Slash Bash Dagannoth Kings Barrelchests Chaos Elemental Lizardman Shaman Bork Corporeal Beast Phoenix Bandos Avatar Glacors Nex Scorpia Venantis Cerbertus Skotizo Abyssal Sire Giant Mole Kraken Zulrah Minigames! Barrows Fight Caves Fight Pits Pest Controls Dual Arena Warrior's Guild Treasure Island (More Comming Soon!) Give us a chance! Join us Now! Here Client Without launcher, if launcher not working for u! Our Website https://youtu.be/37tbgY8rS1A This post will be filled regularly! MEDIA!
  2. Thanks for sharing. But i see this source got dungeoneering files but how to enable it? :? anyone can help me? please.
  3. I got dungeoneering files, it looks like everything is allright but when i teleport to DaemonHeim ant try to go in, nothing happends. Source got commands "testdung" it teleport's me to dung room but when i try to open doors its same think. Please Someone help me. sorry i mean 714 not 718