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  1. [CENTER]Hello! And welcome to SOAPK v4 where we hope you will find all of that excellent rsps fun you need and want [URL="http://adf.ly/kSlep"]Desktop client[/URL] [URL="http://sandsofalkahrid.webs.com/"]Website![/URL] [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/toplist/details-38435-SoaPK.html"]screenshots on our runelocus page![/URL] -NEX -KBD -TORMENTED DEMONS -CORPORAL BEAST -KALPHITE QUEEN -ALL GODSWAR BOSSES -BARRELCHEST BOSS -GIANT MOLE -AND MANY MORE besides pvm we have minigames such as -DUEL ARENA -BARROWS -PEST CONTROL -FIGHT PITS/CAVES -ASSAULT -DOMINION TOWER -AND MORE other then whats listed above let me list some of our items that we enjoy -all spirit shields -all godswords -all claws (currently working on a special set of chaotic claws just for you guys:D) -all sets of nex armour -all basic armours like bronze, rune, dragon, etc -ragefire, steadfast, and glaiven boots -polypore staff and many more that you will have to come see (oh did i mention all the chaotics?) With the grand opening of Soapk I walker sadly will not be there seeing as this is my week for finals in college, but never fear! trusty admins are here! with the admins you will find that they will be judging you, watching you, all to see if your fit for our ranks as a mod or bug tester, or what ever else may come in handy for our server. We currently do not have a website(I am working on it though) with due time I will have a support number which you can text/imsg[/CENTER]
  2. what you have here appears to be a npc.cfg file. the one you want to use to change your drop rates should be named "something.tsm"
  3. confinement

    vps sftp help!

    (linux,centOS) *figured i would put this here to save people time if they cant help me* Hello runelocus community! I am some what new to the world of rsps but that is not where my issues are residing! i recently purchased a VPS from a website called vilayer and upon attempting a file transfer it says to me "File transfer could not be started or it exited unexpectedly. Exit value 0 was returned. Most likely the sftp-server is not in the path of the user on the server-side" i tried using my common sense and figured i should google how to enable a sftp client on the server side and i made sure i had my side open, after hours upon hours of sifting through the what seemed to be useless google i made a ticket on my providers support page only to wait a week for a pointless response which included a sentence saying oh yea you need to enable your sftp. so i spent more time earlier today and stuggled to find what little info on the subject i could and all i managed to do was what i think install java on the server. i have been dabbling into private servers for a long time now and i figured i would give it a shot to host one but due to my location the upload speed isnt satisfactory for our communities demanding players, so that was out of the question so i turned to a vps only to be even more disappointed in my lack of knowledge on the subject. Please and thank you to all the people who may put in the effort towards my problem and ill do what i can to show you my appreciation! (also excuse me if i put this in the wrong section, this is probably my first post)